What I like about being a female

The recent women’s marches across the world really made me think about how great women are as a sex and how we fight for and support each other. Now I have already wrote about what like most about men, so don’t say I’m being biased!
I therefore thought I’d put together a collection of what j like about being female.

So, here we go:

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Makeup vs you.

Everyday us girlies and I’m sure some boys decide whether to put our war paint on. Our make up doesn’t define who we are but we define who we are using make up.

Today I did the thing of “fuck it I need 10 minutes more sleep, I cba with make up!” And as much as it feels liberating to do so (not as much if you went braless) the comments were so mixed . Continue reading “Makeup vs you.”

You turn 18 then suddenly you’re nearly 28.


Is it just me or when I was 18, I honestly thought 10 years later my life would really be different.  When I was 18 life was much more relaxed, I thought I was going to be friends with the people I loved at that time, and I thought my future self would be very different.

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