A letter that empowers me and makes me cry…

Here's to strong women

Hey all,

When I first moved into my flat back in March, I had so many emotions and I still do. I am still finding it hard to process, still trying to juggle financially (hopefully I am getting better) and I am trying to make it all okay for me.

At the start of the whole moving in and then into lockdown, I received a lovely letter from my auntie. I had hid it away until last week, as it caused me to cry a lot and I brought it out again this weekend as she came to visit. She was there when me and my mum were picking out curtains, choosing the rugs, the pillows etc so she has been on this journey with me. Continue reading “A letter that empowers me and makes me cry…”

Take comfort in the known

So many people at the moment are living in the unknown, we don’t know when life will get back to normal, we don’t know when times will change or even if they will change?

Will life change dramatically like it did after 9/11? Will we change our ways now that we have learnt that this isolation marlarky is also helping the environment that we live in? Maybe not mentally (certainly not for me) but it is an interesting point.

There’s many of us out there, me included, who are often feeling that these times are quite overwhelming. They don’t know who to turn to, some people are even pitting their own experiences against each other to make theirs sound a lot worse than others. When really, we should all take comfort in the fact that we are all actually in this together.

Everyone I speak to at work has a different story, and I haven’t come across one the same as of yet. I find that quite comforting. You may be struggling but there will always be someone that you can talk to. Don’t feel like you have to dial into a group conversation everytime a message goes off, go at your pace. Don’t feel like you have to justify your emotions, you really don’t.

To me, whenever I am struggling or feeling a bit blue I will just look up at the nights sky and watch the night go by. I have just sat on my window ledge for the past near 2 hours just watching as the sky got darker and the stars shimmered through the clouds. There’s so much happiness from this in my eyes, as you may literally feel like you’re so alone but someone, somewhere out there is looking up at the moon or even exact star as you are.

Just promise me that during this time you:

  • look after yourself
  • do not apologise for your emotions
  • sleep as much as you can
  • look after your mental health
  • go for a walk, it doesn’t have to be daily it can be twice a week (that’s what I do)
  • keep in touch with family and friends. If you don’t have anyone, message me at my handle for social media – @loveyouandthem
  • finally never apologise for eating far too much chocolate and drinking too much gin.


One tweet can change everything.


Well this is a bit different isn’t it?

fyi, this is a super long post… im sorry but also not.

As you may or may not know the past few months in my life have been a bit, bonkers shall we say. It seems that in my life, things happen in a pattern where I have a day of absolute hell, then 3 days later something positive happens.

For example, in 2011 we were on holiday and we received a phone call to state that my lovely Grandad had passed, and 3 days later I got into uni and got the grades I had to get! This year, it unfortunately happened again – my Nan passed away and I got a call I never thought I would receive, from the BBC…

Continue reading “One tweet can change everything.”

I’m still here, don’t worry…

hi all.

Sorry I’ve been so quiet on here lately. It’s not that I’ve had nothing to say, quite the opposite. I just havent had the oomph to do it.

I know that this blog post is incredibly similar to my last post but I’m getting there. I thought I’d give you a quick bullet point list of what’s been going on:

  • Mum came out of hospital after nearly being paralysed
  • My nan doesnt want to live anymore and has terminal cancer (huge thank you to all of those who tweeted me help groups)
  • My gorgeous best friends little ones are growing up and I’m loving spending time with them
  • Finally went out on a night out in over 1 year. Never felt so old.
  • Found out whatever bite me in the leg in November last year has scarred my leg.
  • Declined the opportunity to go for a job interview for a higher job role
  • Having a lot of self confidence issues and really not feeling it.
  • Trying online dating again but the above bullet point is really affecting it.
  • Making happy memories with those who I love
  • I’m really trying to learn German again and I’ve learnt that I don’t like to speak it but read and writing is fine!! Yay.

The bullet points above I know are slightly negative, but I’m getting there.

So heres a positive picture for me to focus on:

Cat – you felt amazing here and you look good.

Hope everyone is ok 💋