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Day 18: what I like about being a female

Yesterdays women’s marches across the world really made me think about how great women are as a sex and how we fight for and support each other. Now I have already wrote about what like most about men, so don’t say I’m being biased!
I therefore thought I’d put together a collection of what j like about being female.

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Day 17: What I like about the opposite sex


Firstly, before I start this blog post you will see that my little blog has had a redesign. Yay yippee!! I am hoping that this will fix a lot of issues, easier to use, you may search for different topics and get to know me more. Also my signature has changed too!

This is a bit of a weird topic really, haha I was and still am trying to rack my brains as to what is good about the opposite sex. It’s not like I do not have a list at all, I do but it’s not as long as I would like (hahaha ooh innuendo). I will really try NOT to come across as sexist, as im sure someone will say, but these are innocent comments.

So, as always here we go!:

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Day 9 blog challenge: things to say to your ex

Wayhey nearly getting onto the happy subjects haha!

We’ve all been there haven’t we? we’ve all had the heart break, the pain, the memories shattered and the idea of not feeling good enough.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if further down the line you can say whatever you want to your ex.

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Everyone deserves to be loved.

wp-1480438773059.jpgSo here’s something, the other day I was having a chat with a number of people and we were all discussing relationships etc, who’s single, who’s in a relationship and who’s married.

Now it’s coming to the point in various friendship groups of mine that they often glaze over me, when discussing about future relationships. I have seen this happen more and more even with my girl friends, and it’s a right bugger sometimes.

Sometimes I think ha ha that’s funny, yes I have been single for many years etc but then sometimes that actually really hurts. It’s kind of like they’re going, oh we won’t bother with her she has been single so long, even we have given up on her.

The other night, there were two singletons in the room and the group were discussing us. One of my friends saw on my Facebook that had have been talking to a boy/lad/man (let’s say) and I’ve been trying to keep it private for some time. Then suddenly they were all interested and honestly we just chatting at the moment, then mid way through many saying “I hope you get a boyfriend soon”, one blurted “no I don’t think so, I hope …..insert name….. gets a boyfriend before her”.This person was deadly serious.

I mean, kick a girl when she is down!!!

It really took me aback and made me think, yes of course the other person should find love, but why should someone find love over someone else?

We all deserve love, we all deserve happiness no matter your size, shape, height, ability, race, and sex.

What do you think?

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Dear future husband, this is my ‘fake’ wedding…


I am going to do the weird girl post of what I wish for my wedding in the future, I am a single girl and of course as a single girl in your mid to late 20’s you see lots of your friends becoming engaged or in long term relationships and you’re sat there as I am now watching Bridget Jones thinking …….. bugger. It has definitely become more apparent to me that I feel like I HAVE to meet someone. Of course we all have dreams as to what the day should look like, how we should feel… so, I therefore thought I would put together a group of photographs as to what my ideal wedding  would be (in my head!). Continue reading “Dear future husband, this is my ‘fake’ wedding…”

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50 quick questions to pass a Sunday


  • What was your favorite food when you were a child? I think it was the standard nuggets chips and beans. 
  • What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod? I don’t have an ipod but let me check my phone haha, it’s oh, it doesn’t tell me I’m gonna go for something Adele
  • What is one of your favorite quotes? I’m not doing it wrong I am just doing it differently 
  • What’s your favorite indoor/outdoor activity? Drawing/colouring in
  • What chore do you absolutely hate doing? Hmmm dusting
  • What is your favorite form of exercise? Talking count? Lol
  • What is your favorite time of day/day of the week/month of the year? At night when it’s nice and quiet
  • What’s your least favorite mode of transportation? Hmm canoeing lol I’ve no idea
  • What is your favorite body part? On me? Er, smile?
  • What sound do you love? Waves lapping up against the shore

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Don’t judge others by someone else’s opinion 


Something that really annoys me with human nature is the idea that people think we should like or dislike someone else because of another persons opinion.

I was told the other day that one of my negative points is seeing the good in others that others don’t see. I seriously was taken aback by that comment. I do not understand how that is a negative trait. Do you?   Continue reading “Don’t judge others by someone else’s opinion “

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Hello 17 year old me, this is future you.

94e631e2dab403bcaa59a0e6f8e53b1e.jpgImagine if we could go back in time and tell our younger self some tips and tricks that you have learnt along the way. 10 years ago I was 17, I was just finishing my GCSEs and starting my AS levels and thinking what A Levels I wanted to do, whether I was still going to stay at my school and what would happen with my friendship with my “best friends” that I have known since aged 11, on top of that dealing with issues of being a 17 year old girl.

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Drunk minds speak sober thoughts

907fcf9a6966c8c0337e510dd55682eaJust a quick post today, as I am feeling in a reflective mood. Why is it when we drink, we start to think of all of the shitty emotional things that you have been storing away in the back of your mind!

You know those thoughts that are under lock and key, you don’t want to think about that person, situation or those emotions.

I often find myself going back to the same thoughts and emotions each time I become tipsy, and this is where I need to surround myself with other tipsy people. I honestly don’t think that I could be the type to drink on their own, otherwise this may happen:


It could be me walking past certain spots of town, where I know I have created a happy memory there, or a certain song…. I will become a mental mess LOL!

But drunk minds do speak sober thoughts, and the amount of times I have had to put the phone down…. STEP AWAY FROM THE PHONE CATHERINE!!!! I know I have been there far too many times, either via myself being too truthful or my friends/my crush… it can end in tears and it often does!

So what do we need to do……. we need to get drunk with other unstable emotional best friends.

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