Day 6 – second chances, are they worth it?

hey hey hey im back after 2 days off, so lol less than a week in I’ve broken the string lol.

Anyway back to this blog post, second chances do you ever give them? I personally give too many chances and it’s not good for me personally and I think over time and growing older cough I have learnt to not give them out freely.

Everyone will always have different opinions on second chances and of course, second chances also depend on the situation and circumstance.

Second chances I will never give:

  • Bullying
  • Racism
  • Hurt of a loved one (physical or mental)
  • Serial cheating
  • Abuse of a loved one (physical or mental)
  • If someone has really made a bad impression on me.

I am not going to list the chances that I will give again, as the circumstances of course maybe different.

Honestly I do give people far too many second chances, sometimes four or five and then I think “why am I such a mug?”. Do what feels right for you, give chances to who you think deserves it. But don’t let them take you for a ride.

What would you give second chances too?

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Day 5 – music and my emotions

Welcome to day 5, can I say now that I’m already finding this challenge difficult and I’ve got 26 days left. Fuuuck. Lol.

Anyway, music… What an absolute joy. It gets you through the good times, the break ups, love, happiness and the sad times. Music can make you dance in so many ways, give you confidence and can also make so many memories.

This is a long post… sorry. I have missed out film scores as I could go on.

Ps if you see an image it will link to a video where you can listen to the music

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Day 4 – it’s ok to cry sometimes you know

We are all human, sometimes we need to take a step back and just think to yourself YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

We are not all born to be strong, but I tell you what the little strength we have together is a force to not be messed with! No one is alone in this world, no one should be alone in this world. We all have different emotions daily and not one person will experience the same day or the same emotions, but we can share our stories. It may be that no one has felt what you’re going through, but someone is there to land a hand…

So what I am trying to say is, if you want to cry – bloody cry!!!!!! It is not shameful to cry, it is not embarrassing to cry (just don’t do it everyday). Continue reading “Day 4 – it’s ok to cry sometimes you know”

31 days of happiness – let’s do this


Guess what I am going to blogging a lot over the next and I am not ready for it.

Over the past month I have been answering a question about myself daily, and I had the idea to turn and expand this into a blog post… or two lol. Also anything that is going to make me blog more often, is a good thing!

So, over the next month prepare to see more of me… sorry, not sorry.

The blog posts


Sunday thoughts.


I have a lot of thoughts going on in my head at the moment and I just can’t seem to shift them. So I’m going back to basics, as to why I first started writing this blog… counselling.

Just some bullet points for myself:

  • It will come
  • There will be karma
  • They’re just lost
  • He is an absolute bastard
  • She is strong
  • You’ll be okay
  • Look for what you find happiness in
  • Trust your voice
  • Believe
  • Stop pressuring yourself
  • Knock out of this downness you have at the moment
  • Plan your break
  • Stop wondering what if
  • Relax