Why X Factor 2009 UK (series 6) was the best.


So with the announcement that The XFacfor is changing it’s line up again, it made me go back to the old clips of the previous series. Then I stumbled onto what I believe the golden year of X Factor 2009, okay you have your One Direction, JLS, Shayne Ward series and of course the recent years but the auditions, the judges and the contestants I believe were the best in 2009. Let’s do a recap: Continue reading “Why X Factor 2009 UK (series 6) was the best.”

2012 – The year to be proud to be a Brit

Olympic-Rings_2291063b Diamond Jubilee - Buckingham Palace Concert

2012, what an amazing year to be a Brit. I have never seen so many British flags that year flying in the wind in the streets all around the country. It started with one amazing welcome with what I believe to be the best New Year Fireworks display, the way in which it was timed to music, the use of British music and the sense, the feeling of proud was just overwhelming. I have watched it since and compared 2013 and 2014 and it is definitely one of the best.

I am not going to do a timeline, I will just be going through my favourite moments of the year and of course linking some youtube videos etc – so if you are interested or want some memories, let’s begin………. Continue reading “2012 – The year to be proud to be a Brit”

Brit Awards – My Results vs Actual Results & Views

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So The Brits I thought were amazing, but then again I am biased due to how much I love the night as it’s ultimately one of my favourites. A few weeks back I wanted to predict my own results and here’s the link if you wish to read it >>> click here <<< 

Anyway, let’s do the comparisons, so here we go! 

British Breakthrough Artist: My Choice – Bastille >>>>>>>>>>> Winner – Bastille  🙂 

British Female Solo Artist: My Choice – Ellie Goulding >>>>>>>>>> Winner – Ellie Goulding 🙂 

British Group: My Choice – Bastille >>>>>>>>>> Winner – Arctic Monkeys  :/ 

British Male Solo: My Choice – Tom Odell >>>>>>>>>> Winner – David Bowie :/ 

British Single: chose 3 – Ellie Goulding – Burn, Bastille – Pompei and Calvin Harris >>>>>>>>>> Winner – Rudimental – Waiting All Night   🙂 

International Female Artist: My Choice – Katy Perry >>>>>>>>>> Winner – Lorde  🙂

International Male Artist: My Choice – Justin Timberlake >>>>>>>>>> Winner – Bruno Mars 🙂

MasterCard British Album of the Year: My Choice – Bastille >>>>>>>>>> Winner – Arctic Monkeys

I really enjoyed The Brits, from Harry Styles running late, male to male straight/bi kissing, Keith Lemon confusing the hell out of Pharrel Williams and finally the performances. Beyonce was great, I did miss her dancing but she clearly showed off her amazing singing skills – in which Katy Perry needs to take a few lessons from.  My ultimate favourite was Bastille vs Rudimental, I was up dancing and just loving life for 5 minutes. Absolute escapism. 

The strangest wins of the night and to be honest may be because I have never ever really “got into their music” is The Arctic Monkeys. I don’t know whether they were drugged, pissed or really couldn’t give a sh*t in being there, I know that they have declined many award events in the past, but Alex Turner needs to sort himself out. Okay his speech was great in the end creatively but the way he comes across it’s like he is a school kid who needs to go to the chill out area. 

Also……. I may upset a few people about this – PRINCE. I don’t get PRINCE and in my own opinion I don’t understand as to why his music is so “amazing” 

PS, well done to James Corden for a brilliant job – especially bringing the issues regarding Justin Bieber up. HaHA!



The Brits are tonight!! = BASTILLE NIGHT!

So basically I just want Bastille to win as many awards as they can tonight, not only are they one of the most original bands around at the moment but they are just so down to earth.

Their album Bad Blood is a must have – seriously.

They have of course their amazing songs such as:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F90Cw4l-8NY << Bastille Pompeii

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQnSc0bczg0 << Laura Palmer

But their covers are freaking amazing – really!! I seriously recommend listening to these (including the one at the top)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCTDKLjdok4 << Of the Night

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGAj8BKhju8 << Earth Song/Common People

I am very biased, but please if you have never checked this out – PLEASE PLEASE do!!!

I hope to God that the One Direction Fans have not gone on a voting frenzy and voted for them to win Best Single……. just no. 


Celebrity Big Brother 2014.

CBB_Group 480_cbb13_eye_generic1

I absolutely love this series, it has been so captivating and a must see to watch. I pretty much have watched all Big Brothers apart from maybe 3 series and everyone kinda knows those 2 series Normal  Big Brother 12 and 13. So I thought I would give my opinions on the housemates….  Continue reading “Celebrity Big Brother 2014.”