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Every once in awhile, we just really need to sit back, relax and take our mind elsewhere.

I definitely have those moments and still have them, where I just need to walk away. I do it at work, when I am stressed I take 5 minutes and just stand outside, look up at the sky and remember how minuscule you are in this small world of ours. I think in this quick paced environment we live in nowadays, where anyone can contact you with a press of a button, we do need to take time out for ourselves, we need a break.

You will see at the top of my blog there is the menu section, if you’re ever feeling this way and just need to chill, hover over the “Chill out zone” link at the top.

What’s in the chill out zone:

Here within this little space of heaven (well I think it is) are a number of links that I have found over the years that have really helped me relax. Anxiety attacks are bloody awful, I know, I’ve had quite a few!

But we only have 1 body, we need to learn to love it more. We need go learn to know what our body is telling us, what we need and how we should help it physically, emotionally and mentally

Relaxing websites

  • Cat noises – meow – for those who feel like they need a cat purring in their life
  • Coffitivity– if you love the idea of being in a coffee shop surrounded by the hubbub, but really do not want to leave the house – this is the website for you
  • Emergency compliment – sometimes you just needa pick me up
  • Dreaming Fox – (android only) – similar to Rainy Mood below, but this app uses various other sounds too and you can time it to go off, which is great for sleep
  • Do nothing for 2 minutes – what is says on the tin, please just use this if you need a quick fix. But if you don’t do what it says, it’ll take longer, just relax and go with it. It works
  • Intotime –  a relaxing interactive colour website
  • Liquid particles – what it says on the tin, go and play
  • Puppy cam – how about watching some super cute puppies live on cam? Or other animals, whatever takes your fancy!
  • Rainy Mood – I freaking love the sound of rain, so this always chills me out
  • Silk – have a play with some interactive silk
  • Stress analyst – see how it can help you!


  • Calm – a lovely meditation app which helps you fall asleep
  • Headspace– a great website and app to help relax and meditate
  • Podcasts for your mental health – a collection of podcasts which you can listen to, to help with any of your feelings

Professional websites


Help others:

I am updating this blog post often, and I try to make sure that all of the links still work.

Go and have a look, and if you have any suggestions, please let me know

If you need to talk, please message me either on here, tweet me @loveyouandthem or email me Even if i help only one person, that’s great.


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