I hope that you’re well. I am the owner and writer of this blog that you’ve stumbled across, loveyouandthem.

I first started blogging when I wanted to get everything off my chest that I couldn’t say to others. I will be honest, I was grieving at the time and I just needed an outlet. Now many many years later, I am still here and post about all my thoughts but try to keep them as positive as I can!

Loveyouandthem is derived from the idea of people loving themselves and learning to love others too. In the words of Ru Paul – “if you can’t love yourself, how the hell can you love somebody else?”.

For a job, I write content for the web daily and you would think that I would love for my blog to be quite professional etc, but I am going to give it to you straight, I literally don’t care on here. I do not read through my posts before I publish, I write from the heart and just go with the flow. Therefore if it doesn’t make any sense, well, welcome to my world.

Please visit the links above, especially the chill out zone which is full of mindfulness and wellbeing websites and apps.

Also, if you really do want to find out more about me – visit this naughty little link.

If you are a company, please see my PR section

All views expressed are my own, what’s the point in having someone else’s views.



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