Hello lovely reader, I am the owner and writer of loveyouandthem. The reason as to why its called loveyouandthem is because,  I think everyone should be loved and you also have to love yourself. Many of my posts will be positive, of course some may be negative – but hey that’s life.

I do not read through or spell check my posts, I literally just write it, put some photos on and post. So if it makes sense, if I sound weird or anything like that… that’s just me. Rather be real than be controlled.

Please check out my menu above, which includes the chill out zone which is full of mindfulness and wellbeing websites and apps.

Also, if you really do want to find out more about me – click this naughty little link.

If you are a company, please see my PR section

All views expressed are my own, what’s the point in having someone else’s views.



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