Take comfort in the known

So many people at the moment are living in the unknown, we don’t know when life will get back to normal, we don’t know when times will change or even if they will change?

Will life change dramatically like it did after 9/11? Will we change our ways now that we have learnt that this isolation marlarky is also helping the environment that we live in? Maybe not mentally (certainly not for me) but it is an interesting point.

There’s many of us out there, me included, who are often feeling that these times are quite overwhelming. They don’t know who to turn to, some people are even pitting their own experiences against each other to make theirs sound a lot worse than others. When really, we should all take comfort in the fact that we are all actually in this together.

Everyone I speak to at work has a different story, and I haven’t come across one the same as of yet. I find that quite comforting. You may be struggling but there will always be someone that you can talk to. Don’t feel like you have to dial into a group conversation everytime a message goes off, go at your pace. Don’t feel like you have to justify your emotions, you really don’t.

To me, whenever I am struggling or feeling a bit blue I will just look up at the nights sky and watch the night go by. I have just sat on my window ledge for the past near 2 hours just watching as the sky got darker and the stars shimmered through the clouds. There’s so much happiness from this in my eyes, as you may literally feel like you’re so alone but someone, somewhere out there is looking up at the moon or even exact star as you are.

Just promise me that during this time you:

  • look after yourself
  • do not apologise for your emotions
  • sleep as much as you can
  • look after your mental health
  • go for a walk, it doesn’t have to be daily it can be twice a week (that’s what I do)
  • keep in touch with family and friends. If you don’t have anyone, message me at my handle for social media – @loveyouandthem
  • finally never apologise for eating far too much chocolate and drinking too much gin.


Happy 5th birthday to my blog



It’s my blogs 5th birthday this year and what a journey it’s been, yes i said the J word, am I ashamed?..no.

My blog originally started back in 2013, where I used it to outlay my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions and potentially things I didn’t want to tell others. I was going through a pretty shit time, and with counselling I ended up doing this blog.

Now, as much I don’t often blog any more, I do come up with so many different ideas and I’m always thinking “goddamit cat get back into it” but I never do.

So let me tell you, I haven’t gone away. I am still reading blogs in the background. I just, for some reason am censoring my thoughts. But I’ll get there.

Blogging to me is escapism, it’s the thought of having your mind out there, whilst hopefully someone else in the world agrees with your madness.

I may not have a theme for my blog, I may not focus on one particular area. I also have never had a sponsored post, or been given any product to review but my gosh I will write the raw truth as much as I can and never spell check or read it back.

Another reason why I love writing for my blog is that I can write how I like. I work for a team where I write content for a council website, where is strict and we have to write official, formal and in such a standard. But my blog is my little world, where I won’t get judged for bad grammar, spelling and how a page looks.

I will add all of the gifs I want (you’re welcome) will write in different ways because I can..

However I never ever ever ever EVER expected to have nearly 80,000 views, over 3,000 “followers” of my blog and over 2,500 on social media.

From me to you:

Here’s to the next 5 year’s.

Come by and say hi sometime! You can find me:

Twitter – @loveyouandthem

Instagram – @loveyouandthem

Ps I hope you enjoy the RuPaul’s Drag Race theme of this blog. I’m so bloody happy it’s back on Netflix.

Fact: my opening image is of a confetti shot when I went to see Alyssa Edwards tongue pop

It’s ok to cry sometimes you know

We are all human, sometimes we need to take a step back and just think to yourself YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

We are not all born to be strong, but I tell you what the little strength we have together is a force to not be messed with! No one is alone in this world, no one should be alone in this world. We all have different emotions daily and not one person will experience the same day or the same emotions, but we can share our stories. It may be that no one has felt what you’re going through, but someone is there to land a hand…

So what I am trying to say is, if you want to cry – bloody cry!!!!!! It is not shameful to cry, it is not embarrassing to cry (just don’t do it everyday). Continue reading “It’s ok to cry sometimes you know”