So excited!!










Either today or tomorrow my best friend in the entire world will be having her second baby and it will be another girl, I just cannot wait at all. We have been through so much together, we first met at University in 2007 and have not looked back, we have never argued, we live over a 2 and a half hours away from each other but we talk every day and try and see each other as much as possible!

She has always wanted to be a mum and she is the best, she tries so hard. She is still with her boyfriend (who hmm I am not too keen on – but it’s probably because I am protective and he has never taken the time to get to know or meet me). Together we have gone through boys, dating, marriage splits, sickness and the downsides as well such as her mentally abusive boyfriend who I lived with as well in the Uni house and finally her many attempts of overdoses and suicides. I was always there.

I love her family to pieces and I just cannot wait for another little Princess in the world, if she is anything like the first daughter she will be the cutest (yes very one sided I know!!)

I don’t know what I would do without her.


Her first daughter she first told me I remember January 2011 it was a few days after my Nan’s death and I was having the absolute worst time at work, I was so emotional and I actually went up to the break room and checked my phone – loads of missed calls saying “call me as soon as possible”. My first thought shit something has gone wrong and she said she was pregnant. I have never been in so many emotions in the space of 5 minutes, from going from crying with heartbreak to crying with happiness was wonderful. I didn’t tell anyone for ages and kept it like that until my brother thought something was up haha.

The second time, again I was having such a shitty time at work the parents were away and it was just me and my brother and I was on my break and again texts and texts this was July 2013 and she said “I havent even told my sister yet … but…….. im pregnant!!” I was just like OHMYGOD. How does she do this to me everytime. Yet again I was told to keep quiet again of course, but I must be awful because my brother worked out something again a few days later, but this time we kept the secret from parents haha!

I cannot wait, I am still unsure with many health conditions that I have if I would be able to ever have children, so I think it’s always a blessing, especially if it’s your best friend’s child.

Bring on the next 24-48 hours!!!!!



Isn’t my baby cute…….. eh?

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As Facebook is 10 years old, I thought I would post about my most annoying thing I see on a day to day basis – babies on my news feed. Some of my closest friends have babies and I adore them, I get sent photos of them and these friends do not post photos on Facebook so I really appreciate them when I do get them.

But we have a generation at the moment where of course there is the first status of “we’re expecting!!!” and then it starts…………. the first photo of the scan in which I cannot make out a thing. What happened to keeping things like that private, why do you need to share it with EVERYONE? I mean some of these profiles are still on global setting, so it is literally everyone looking at the inside of your stomach.

Then comes all the baby clothes photos, the app game which shows you how long they have got left and what stage the baby is at – have you heard of a privacy setting called “family or just certain people”.

Woohoo your baby bump has grown and the next stage is the next baby photo, this time I can see the baby and sometimes its a funny photo where the baby is pulling a pose etc. I would often like this photo if for example some of my friends have had a hard time conceiving, so of course I am bloody delighted for them.

AAAAAH the baby is coming, here comes the countdown – the app is going more and more on my newsfeed. Finally the baby is here.

But it doesn’t stop there, the photos of when the baby is born, how exhausted the mother looks just after giving birth and the baby from ALL angles are shown in over an album of 50.

Then comes the cute clothes which the baby wears for weeks/months on after that, videos of them staring into a camera and finally the baby “posts” comments “thanks auntie…. for the present” – no no no lol!

What happened to privacy, what happened to cute little photo albums, what happened to showing your grandparents things your baby does before showing strangers?