WordPress vs self hosting…

So, I have been in WordPress for a good few years now. I pay the medium level and I do love using this blog hosting site more than Blogger for example. 

However, I am rather bored of their template designs. I find some amazing designs online and already have a few I have my eye on.  But it seems that they cannot be added due to my blog not being self hosted. The one I have at the moment is OK but it isn’t me.

Can anyone help me?  Do I have to transfer my blog to WordPress.org?  How easy is it to do that? I am already paying yearly does that mean I lose out on money?? 

Any tips I would absolutely love.

Blog Design Update

Hello all,

As you can see my blog design has gone back to real basics.

I am just thinking as to what design direction I want go with my blog at the moment. Therefore I thought I would go back to basics before I decide.

So please ignore how blank it may appear to be and don’t judge me on the look at the moment.

Ps if anyone has any ideas, or knows of any great wordpress themes website – SEND ME THE LINKS!!!






The photo that you see above you, is my beautiful signature. Is there anyway in which instead of scrolling through all my photos to find this, I can add this automatically at the end of my posts or put it in a folder for easy find.

I really need help on this as it is driving me up the wall!!!