WordPress vs self hosting…

So, I have been in WordPress for a good few years now. I pay the medium level and I do love using this blog hosting site more than Blogger for example. 

However, I am rather bored of their template designs. I find some amazing designs online and already have a few I have my eye on.  But it seems that they cannot be added due to my blog not being self hosted. The one I have at the moment is OK but it isn’t me.

Can anyone help me?  Do I have to transfer my blog to WordPress.org?  How easy is it to do that? I am already paying yearly does that mean I lose out on money?? 

Any tips I would absolutely love.

Celebrations all around for my blog!!

Hello you lovely people, it seems that I have a lot to celebrate this month with my little blog.

The start of the month really didn’t start well, I made a huge error and allowed for my family and no friends to find out that this blog existed. I hated it, but I put on my big Bridget Jones knickers and thought sod it.

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My blogging pet peeves.

I’ve been blogging for a few good years now and I’ve seen some wonderful changes to this little community of blogosphere. I’ve seen the wonderful introduction of the use of more social media platforms, the more vlogging channels and the friendships that have been built. It‘s wonderful! It truly is. But there are definitely somethings that really annoying me, so I thought I would run through them and see if they annoy you too!!¬†

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My 1,000th post!!


Congratulations to me!!

So I have come to my 1000th post. I actually can’t believe it. My blog originally started way back 2 years ago, to a place in which I could rant about what feelings and thoughts I had. To now my blog is a place of still ranting haha, but also raving about people I love,  products I recommend, my illnesses and being girl power positive.

I know that each blog is individual to everyone and everyone does not have the same opinions but that’s why blogs are special.

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