My 1,000th post!!


Congratulations to me!!

So I have come to my 1000th post. I actually can’t believe it. My blog originally started way back 2 years ago, to a place in which I could rant about what feelings and thoughts I had. To now my blog is a place of still ranting haha, but also raving about people I love,  products I recommend, my illnesses and being girl power positive.

I know that each blog is individual to everyone and everyone does not have the same opinions but that’s why blogs are special.

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Ive been featured !!! So happy.


So today I am looking through my phone inbetween work and I keep getting all these emails saying, your blog has succeeded so many views, your blog has succeeded this amount of shares and I am thinking what the hell is going on! I cant access my blogging account online and I couldn’t wait to get home. Log into twitter to see:

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

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Thank you first of all to the gorgeously lovely Mallorie for the nomination/award of being a Very Inspiring Blogger,  how wonderful is that. Please check out her wonderful blog its a lovely read and I promise that you will love it —— Press for Mallorie —— I was very shocked when I got this award so thank you very much for this, of course as standard there are rules :

1.Thank and link the amazing person that nominated you. — all done but again the link — press
2.List the rules as well and display the award.
3.Share seven facts about yourself.
4.Nominate fifteen other amazing blogs and remember to comment on their blogs to let them know you’ve nominated them. (provide a link to your post)
5.This rule is optional you can proudly display the award logo anywhere on your blog e.g. on your sidebar and also follow the blogger that nominated you.


Facts about me: 

1. My first kiss was at the age of 14.

2. I have a size 7 foot and a size 6 foot haha

3. I used to perform on stage doing tap and jazz

4. I was captain of the netball team

5. I won various awards at Haven Holiday Club – each year I went *smug face*

6. I do love the German accent and learnt it for 4 years and still trying to

7. I can be extremely outspoken when provoked.


My Nominations

So I need to nominate 15 blogs for this award…… I could think of more than 15 but I have a strong idea who I want to chose, I also thought I would add their twitter accounts you don’t need to do this 🙂

Coffee and Cosmetics  and her Twitter –

Letters to A and her Twitter –

Big Society Girl  and her Twitter –

Katie’s World of Beauty and her Twitter –

Adaynasaur and her Twitter –

Blogging Through the Mirror and her Twitter –

The Fashionable Affair and her Twitter –

And Beauty or Something and her Twitter –

Chloe-Kay and her Twitter

Angels Secrets and her Twitter

Notes by Nicola and her Twitter

XO Lucy and her Twitter

Miss Emma Charlotte and her Twitter

Every Beauty Talks and her Twitter

Beat and Beauty and her Twitter


So there you have it, I hope that you enjoy my blog – thank you so much for reading it and again thank you for the nomination//award. I hope that you all check out those who I mentioned above.



Check out my other babble sites

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So I do have other sites as well that you may be interested in, I thought that if you want to check them out please do – lay back (if in bed or on sofa) grab some chocolate and/or alcohol (my choices of course, does not have to be yours – go all healthy have a carrot stick) and see whether any of these interest you.

My Tumblr –  my tumble account shows all the beautiful men and women in the world that I love.

My Bloglovin – if you can’t follow me on here because someone hasn’t thought of a way in which everyone can follow each other on one platform this is the place 🙂

My Askme – – ask me any question it links up with my Twitter

My Twitter – – my twitter feed is on my blog but if you ever want to send me your links on there please do, i check each one out and will RT to my followers 🙂