Friday & Saturday Me days & OOTD

IMG_20140608_151440Some days you need to just have a day that is dedicated to you, parents wanted to take me out today but I have such a busy 2 weekends coming up I just wanted to have a me day. Me days are the best, you don’t have to answer to anyone, you do as you wish, you look as you want to look and you have no time limits. Normally on my days off and my me days, I have a day of getting myself more glammed up than usual and just go for a drive, music blaring, windows down and just loving life. Driving through the countryside and the streets and escaping life, but also clearing my mind on so many things that keep me awake at night. Looking over the Kent valleys makes you realise how small your life is sometimes and you have just gotta go with it. Then I came back, stupidly logged online and I was greeted with negativity on my beautiful Facebook, think im definitely going to stick to Twitter soon and my profile for only my blogging friends. Anyway, this is what I have been up to today, prepare for selfies 🙂 PS here’s another beautiful flower for my beautiful readers, from me to you xo

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Have a sneek into my bedroom..

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I thought I would let you have a sneak around my bedroom, I am in love with fairy lights at the moment and I think they all bring a uniqueness to someone’s bedroom. They’re so girly, cute and they just lighten up a room (literally) without turning on the lights and at £1 for a bulk of batteries what can go wrong, you of course don’t need to pay a huge electricity bill.

PicMonkey Collages

I bought these rose type lights from Primark and they are pink and red, I have put them around my wardrobe and of course added the “LOVE” stick ons (Poundland) to give it that love look. These are nice but I may replace them soon.

PicMonkey Collagen

The first lights that I bought,  I believe that they are from TIGER (which I cannot stop buying things from) and they are the cutest lanterns. I have also added on the little birdies there are 4 of them in total (pink, blue, green and yellow) again from TIGER. As they are on the backdrop of my tree wallpaper I thought it was quite cute that the birdies are in the trees!

PicMonkey Collage45How cute are these little chinese lanterns, they are in the corner of my room and lights up the area lovely 🙂 I have taken snapshots all of the little lanterns that you can see apart from one, which like the flowery one it comes in blue and I couldnt be bothered to stretch all the way up to the top!


I think I got this from Morrisons I am not entirely sure, but its on my wardrobe and its the first/last thing you see when you leave my bedroom and it just gives me that boost of the day or makes you think tomorrow is another day.

20140401_231148This beaut of a heart light was bought by my best friend for my 25th birthday……. yes im 25 😦 Eurgh and its just brilliant. It’s from Dunelm Mill and it brightens up the room loads!!

PicMonkey Collagekk

And finally another present from another best friend who knows me far too well haha! This banner goes across another wall of mine and sums me up perfectly. I just love it!!

I can’t wait to get a house of my own to decorate, damn you pinterest!!


Love to love yourself….

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We all have those bad bits on our body which we hate, which we want to change and what we would rather not look at. So I thought I would just get it off my chest:

  • My Stomach
  • My Legs
  • My Neck
  • My Hair (trichotillomania sufferer)
  • My PCOS
  • My IBS
  • My TOS (thoracic outlet syndrome) along with a further trapped nerve and my scars on my neck
  • My anxiety.

BUT on the other hand, I should also love parts of me as I have to live with me all my life and it is up to me to change some of those things so – I like:

  • My Hair Colour
  • My Eyes
  • My smile
  • My patience
  • I am easy to get to know
  • I am relaxed
  • My height
  • My boobs haha!
  • My characteristics on my face
  • My confidence when I do not care.

Although we all hate ourselves some days and just want to hide away, someone else may love our bad bits. So learn to love each part of you.