Shopping Haul & a rant about clothes shops #fbloggers #bbloggers

IMG_20140625_191457Helloooooo, how are you are you well and smiling today. I hope you are because its bloody miserable outside, I was awoken at 9:20 this morning by the biggest clap of thunder I had ever heard and no more thunder after that. Anyway as its payday week and I have not had a lot of time to go shopping I thought I had to go today. As tonight I have a girls night out, I needed something to wear and woohoo I could not find one single thing – BUT I did find other things 🙂

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Drugstore Shopping – not ACTUAL drugs……….

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When I shop I often go out and think, I am going to go get some clothes but I kinda end up going into the drugstores and accessory stores instead because I just get too frustrated and depressed in clothes stores, I therefore thought you may want to be nosey as to what I have been up to. After this post, my blog will be different:



Yay Paperchase !!!! I LOVE Paperchase, it is so cute – just like Tiger, I love little shops like this that have all the unique products in it and this is where I have come up with the idea of changing my blog around a bit:

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I have therefore bought beautiful pastel Sharpie pens and pastel a4 cards to brighten this place up slightly, sticking with the bird colour theme anything that I review will have a background of pastel. I kinda want to have a theme and when I have more money I will change the theme about as I just don’t like the endless scroll down.


Boots was my next stop, and I love Boots but not as much as Superdrug of course you buy all of the lady toiletries and I had a little splurge in here 🙂

PicMonkey Collagesd

It was 3 for 2 yay!! and I have just realised, I have absolutely no idea where the 3rd product I bought is…….. bugger. Anyway, I love this Soap and Glory product, it smells absolutely beautiful like you are rubbing honey porridge all over you (yes I know that’s a bit different), it makes your skin really smooth and a lovely finish on your skin is left

PicMonkey Collagefe

This is actually the first time I have bought this product and I love it, its a really nice scent and its full of sea salt so you can imagine that all that horrible rough skin, the top skin will go and it’s really easy to apply.


Yay Superdrug!! My go to store really 🙂



I cannot begin to tell you how amazing these wipes are, they are so refreshing, make your face feel so clean, alive and just lovely. There is a gorgeous smell to them and now my Mum has found them so is now nicking them as well *grumble*

PicMonkey CollageererMy hair becomes really oily quickly, I hate it. So every next day I have to apply dry shampoo as I really don’t want to get into the habit of washing it every day as its bad. My favourite scent is the blush scent, it’s not too over powerful to the point where you know I am wearing dry shampoo – because sometimes you can easily know someone is by the smell or the fact your hair is white. Which brings me onto the blonde one, adds that extra bit of oomph to my hair as it seems to be getting darker with age 😦 .


Finally, every 90’s girl has had an Impulse in their life. I have gone through so many in my life because I get bored of the scents so therefore this is my new one and I love it. Its girly, fresh, flowery and just a nice modern scent. Do you have a favourite Impulse?