Best way to take lipstick off – KISSES.


As I said on Twitter (@loveyouandthem by the way), I was going or am shall I writing a post about the lipsticks that I own. I own a fair few lipsticks and I hardly wear them, but when I do it gives me so much confidence. If anyone else wore lipstick at work I definitely would but not single woman I work with wears it and I feel silly when I do. When people see me on nights out or on days off they’re shocked I wear it and I’m like it’s normal!!

Lipstick just gives you that extra ooze of confidence, gives your smile that more noticeable and of course it attracts the males/females whatever tickles your fancy.

So here are the lipsticks that I own ……. so far lol!, ps I have tried to match the lips to the shade of the lippy:



To be honest my least favourite lipstick that I own, its great although I will give it its due for a morning pick me up and its easy to apply but it just does not stay. As you can see whilst I have been on the bus I have decided to wipe away all the text from the product, therefore it took a hella long time to find out what the hell this was called hence the note inside the photo! This is the only photo I have that shows the product look on a piece of paper as it was the late thought “oh this would have been a good idea to do” but then I couldn’t be arsed to go back and change them all! Its my only product of the crayon type that I own and probably will ever own.


Poundland are strangely becoming one of my favourite places for make up, THERE I said it it’s now out in the open. The Gothica range comes out around the halloween time and it’s just bloody marvellous. If you ever see this lipstick along with their gothica black nail varnish I cannot stress to you enough to buy it. The nail varnish needs 1 coat, its so opaque and it hardly chips. This lipstick is great it really deepens the lips and especially with a dark red lipstick it makes it even vampier (yes that is a word….) love it!


I use this lipstick more in the Spring / Summer time with the pastel shades of clothing that I like to wear. Its light, creamy and easy to apply and lasts for sometime. The shade is not too pink but its just about right for someone to think “is she wearing lipstick or are that her own lips”… or my lips are just a weird pink shade lol!


I wore this and wrote about this in my look of the day the other day – if you wish to read that click on this — iloveyouyouknowthat — it’s a hidden gem that I found at the bottom of my make up box and I just love it! When I first saw this in the shop I did think “shit this is a bit dark” but its a proper grower and its a beautiful purply/red colour and I love it!


This used to be one of my favourites before I found the others and it is just a delight a beaut of a lipstick and so Spring, I therefore may start using it more! The packaging is just adorable and it has a look of a lockable device to it, which means that the top won’t easily fall off in your hand bag. It is definitely the classiest looking lipstick I have.


I love e.l.f products, they know that, I know that but this……. no. It took me about 5/10 seconds to even open it up and wind it up to what you can see in the photo there for a start! The shade is lovely in the photo and in person, but when its applied to the lips it’s kinda like tinted vaseline. Classified as “posh” but I don’t think Victoria Beckham would go near this. Haha. Ssh woman!


If you read my blog often (thank you you weirdo) that you will know that this is one of my favourites, as I was going through my make up box I actually came around a second one of these haha, bit obsessed. It has a matte finish and feel to it but with an added shimmer which I love. The shade is more towards the pink side of lilac.


I think I went through a phase of loving red lipstick and this is the one that I chose in the end, to keep when I had a big clear out the other month. It’s classified as “rose passion” it is striking, creamy and very kissable. The packaging is very elegant and you definitely would not miss it in your handbag.


As I am a lover of the matte lipstick from MUA I am about to review, I have not used this particular shade a lot. I have tried to and I have found that it has not been as effective. The shade is very girly and pink so if you love that then you’re definitely in for a treat.


Here’s the matte shade that I love from MUA, the Scarlet Siren is just a must have for those who love the matte and the deep reds of lipsticks. It is a great colour, not too powerful but enough to think “yeah I am feeling and looking great today!” and as it was only £1 …. buy this instead of hmm…. a chocolate bar. Oh I now fancy a chocolate bar!


Wink Pink is always in my handbag, its a pinky purple shade which is perfect for those mornings in which you need to add a little colour to your face when you are feeling absolutely ridiculously tired. Its nice, cooling, a calming shade (yes calming) and a bonus is that it moisturises your lips 😉 mwah!


My ultimate fave. No other words. So kissable.


So I hope that you enjoyed my lipstick post, I like to swear and if you read this blog I write as I think and I think as I would chat….. that makes no fucking sense. Ha ha.

Enjoy, remember pucker up those lips and give the boys/girls kisses