Shopping Haul & a rant about clothes shops #fbloggers #bbloggers

IMG_20140625_191457Helloooooo, how are you are you well and smiling today. I hope you are because its bloody miserable outside, I was awoken at 9:20 this morning by the biggest clap of thunder I had ever heard and no more thunder after that. Anyway as its payday week and I have not had a lot of time to go shopping I thought I had to go today. As tonight I have a girls night out, I needed something to wear and woohoo I could not find one single thing – BUT I did find other things ūüôā

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Designer or just over expensive ordinary clothes

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I will¬†never ever ever¬†understand as to why people get all excited over “designer products”, there are only a few brands which I buy and they are definitely not designer. When I am clothes shopping I am always looking at the price tag first, what is the point in buying clothes which are expensive if you’re only wanting to wear them to keep yourself in trend.

I buy clothes that I like, I never buy clothes because its Prada or Gucci (one because I am really not materialistic and two they cannot be arsed to have clothing in a size bigger than 0 it seems). Some may say I sound jealous, but I am really not.

I can go in Abercrombie and Fitch for example and a tshirt is around the £40 mark that is absolutely ridiculous, I mean seriously you are just wasting your money. In a normal high street store you could buy 2 or 3 or even more than that possibly up to 10 if shopping in particular stores. Why would anyone spend £40 on a plain tshirt is beyond me.

Handbags, I love handbags and I have far too many I know but my limit for a handbag is £40 and I regretted spending that much one time.

I wonder whether it is just me to be honest, I don’t get it at all. When I say to my girl friends they give me the worst looks to say what is wrong with you!

What do you think?


Fashion is you

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We all dress differently, we all dress to our size and we all dress to feel good or, sometimes just to feel comfy – but it is always great to dress to feel a-maaaaaaazing.

I have just found these two outfits online and I actually love them, one I hate red but I love that dress and all the accessories and the other is so colourful and “summery”.

As a “bigger” girl I am a size 18 (just researched feel good – size 16 in US) these types of clothing is not often deemed appropriate for the larger girl to dress like this. But I say dress as you wish!! As long as you feel amazing in it and as long as you feel comfortable then wear whatever the bloody hell you like to wear.

I personally would wear both of these, but I just do not get the fashion clothing for the girls who are size 16+, its always tent like. Okay great on those days when you feel absolutely rubbish but sometimes that type of clothing — scratch that pretty much all the time that tent clothing makes you feel even bigger.

When I was at Uni I went down to a size 14 and I do blame the Uni diet of having no money, I am definitely a comfort eater which is the worst. But I think as long as you feel happy and you are healthy you are fine.

Just be yourself and love yourself, because in the end it is only you – be selfish for once.


My dream.

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My dream is to just be happy.

Happiness comes in many forms, I am not the type of girl who wants the designer clothes, the fashion lables, all the expensive handbags, shoes etc. I like the simple things in life. I do like the cheap clothes, I always look at the price beforehand even though I absolutely love the clothing, if its too expensive I feel that its not right for me.

I would like in 5 years time, to be settled down with someone, to have my own house/flat/bungalow haha I don’t mind what, as long as I am not surround my druggies and really rude/loud people I will be fine.

I want my friends to realise that I am here in the background, even though there is now this distance and they’ve all gone off with their boyfriends. I guess appreciation would also be nice, I know I know selfish!!

Is it just me or is that too hard?

OHHHHHH and also to be thinner!! God I would love to be thinner haha. 2014 is my year.