I am a positive person & I will not change.

tumblr_n3f1mo7S7O1qc312mo1_1280Although I do post sometimes about a bit of my down times, the only reason I do is because I do not want to off load to my friends and its not often that I am down. But I always try to see the positive in something, yes I am that girl that you probably may dislike, because they found a positive in something negative you are thinking about.

I suffer from anxiety, I have had my low moods in the past, I have been to counsellors, I do CBT (which is amazing by the way) and I thought to myself, ‘look you either think negative, or you pull your shit together girl, there’s worse people off than you’, and I thought im going to pull my shit together. Continue reading “I am a positive person & I will not change.”

Youtube Boyband loves Sport Relief

maxresdefault Caspar-lee-profile-picture


My blog is not allowing me to put a video clip on here, please click on the link above!!

If you love these boys, Marcus Butler, Joe Sugg, Jim Chapman, Alfie Deyes and of course Caspar Lee then you are going to LOVE this new video. They have had the Youtube Boyband before but now with the addition of the funny Caspar Lee. 

Sports Relief is a charity which is held every few years to raise money for the United Kingdom and International developments, it is linked up with Comic Relief which you may know about – but this charity theme is to do sport related events to raise money.

The boys have come together in order to raise £50,000 in which they will show their actual boyband official video.

So If you’re in the UK, text BOYBAND to 70011
Texts cost £1 plus your standard network message charge
£1 per text goes to Sport Relief
You must be 16 or over and please ask the bill payers permission
For full terms and conditions and more information go tohttp://www.sportrelief.com/terms


donate online – https://www.sportrelief.com/donate?cartId=SR14_Donate_boyband&cartIdMobile=SR14_Donate_Mobile_boyband 

It is a worthwhile cause, so please go and look.