Where are the good people?

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I am really sorry that I have not blogged in a few days, it’s just been a bit manic in my life and I just haven’t had the time to update – naughty me! Anyway back to the blog – on Thursday I was waiting at the bus stop with about 20+ other people and of course as usual the bus was late so the crowd was growing. A double decker comes along and the old frail lady with her shopping cart mentioned how it would be hard to get onto the bus. The bus parked quite a few inches away from the kerb and she said to the bus driver could he not have got nearer, but he refused. At this point people were tutting this poor old lady which was not her fault at all and she was trying to get on the bus – not one person helped her. I therefore went from the back of the queue to help her, I took her shopping cart and helped her along the way and she thanked me.

Issue was – when I got off the bus it was an issue as she was leaving on the same stop, I offered to help her again and she said “you’re not doing it correctly, why are you not listening to me” and then had a go at me. 

I felt like saying, well there’s no way I am helping you out again, how rude!

The next night I was out with my girl friends from work and again waiting at the bus stop there was another crowd gathering, but this time I was left on my own when others had got onto the other bus. I saw that a rucksack had been left behind and I asked if it was anyone’s and no one replied. I thought bugger, what the hell can I do, I am left with a black rucksack in the middle of town – my bus which I had been waiting for 30 minutes was 5 minutes away and no one else was around.

So I put on my work hat haha and called the Police on 101, he took me through some questions and said do you feel safe enough to take it to the local police station. I wasn’t particularly comfortable with it, I did have 2 glasses of wine which probably boosted my confidence but hmm. So I headed down to the Police station and it was bloody shut!!! I called the intercom, gave them my cad ref number and they said someone will be there in a few minutes – 15 MINUTES LATER – I am standing there in the cold and wet and finally they come along, take my details and it was “thanks very much and goodbye”.

I just felt like, I have done all these good things recently which I didn’t have to do and I could have been one of those who just ignore things but I thought no, I am standing up for myself.

I dunno, maybe it’s just me.