Missing a friend or more? Advice Please!!

large (8)No flower today, I apologise readers just blame my lack of Funds until Wednesday. This post today is more about what I am thinking and feeling, I tend to be someone who does not express emotions enough and when someone likes me I block them out and I instantly regret it. I hate the way I become and I don’t know how to change it, I have tried. I therefore thought I would offload for my own saneness really as well as if anyone else as been in this position. Please bare with me (by the way is it bear with me, or bare with me)……


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Imagine if your biggest day changed?

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Think of your biggest day yet, what if that never happened, what if your path of life changed? Would you be the same person, would you still have the same friends and what would your life be like now?

Just have a think about that for a moment, we all lead the lives we lead – some plan them, some take life for a ride and some go with the flow. But what if the biggest day never happened for you, for example:

Imagine if you didn’t get the grades you had to get to go to the University you wanted, you would have gone to your 2nd or 3rd choice – you would have met different people, maybe led a different social life, may or may not have met the love of your life and you may have done a different course. After that would your life be different?

Question for you, if you have never met your closest friends you have now – do you honestly think that you would be friends with those people now? Would you have the same opinions, dislike the same people and the same things?

Strange to think isn’t it, but life is fitted for us. We of course can try to change the way we lead life, sure there will always be options on the way such as a simple “ill go for a walk instead of the bus or I will go for that drink with that person” – we are all unique but we are all the same as well.