I won a competition!! :) yay to designer make up!


So the weirdest thing happened the other day, I actually won a competition on Twitter… I thought naaaaaaaaaaah I haven’t won, I absolutely haven’t!! All I did was RT a tweet and follow a lovely blogger, but I won! Thanks to Dave Lackie (https://twitter.com/davelackie) for choosing me as the winner.

Today was a really bad day at work, it was so stressful and I just felt really aaargh! I got home and saw a lovely parcel on the table and I was instantly happy. I knew exactly what it was. I had already told people on Instagram that I won and so many were jealous and now I have the products.

I am really not one to buy designer products such as Christian Dior. To be honest, I don’t even think I would even look due to the pricing, so this makes me extra excited. Plus it always helps that the initials for Christian Dior, are exactly the same as my own – hello personalised make up!! Continue reading “I won a competition!! 🙂 yay to designer make up!”