What I like about being a female

The recent women’s marches across the world really made me think about how great women are as a sex and how we fight for and support each other. Now I have already wrote about what like most about men, so don’t say I’m being biased!
I therefore thought I’d put together a collection of what j like about being female.

So, here we go:

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Drunk minds speak sober thoughts

907fcf9a6966c8c0337e510dd55682eaJust a quick post today, as I am feeling in a reflective mood. Why is it when we drink, we start to think of all of the shitty emotional things that you have been storing away in the back of your mind!

You know those thoughts that are under lock and key, you don’t want to think about that person, situation or those emotions.

I often find myself going back to the same thoughts and emotions each time I become tipsy, and this is where I need to surround myself with other tipsy people. I honestly don’t think that I could be the type to drink on their own, otherwise this may happen:


It could be me walking past certain spots of town, where I know I have created a happy memory there, or a certain song…. I will become a mental mess LOL!

But drunk minds do speak sober thoughts, and the amount of times I have had to put the phone down…. STEP AWAY FROM THE PHONE CATHERINE!!!! I know I have been there far too many times, either via myself being too truthful or my friends/my crush… it can end in tears and it often does!

So what do we need to do……. we need to get drunk with other unstable emotional best friends.

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Drunken thoughts, sober ❤

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So, on Friday I had a number of drinks after as you may know due to my previous post and my god I felt rubbish the next day. Not only did I “tipsy text” someone I was not meant to, I also text someone just to get attention and then I finally had a conversation with one of my best friends I had never really spoke about before.

I am really not an open book at all, many would get frustrated that I don’t say how I feel but it did feel very good to get it all out in the open. Basically it was to do with being surrounded by couples all around town and I just felt absolutely lonely, I felt rubbish. To the point I actually wanted to go back in the pub and drink on my own. I then imagined my life later, surrounded by animals in a small flat, weighing in at around 25 stone and just wishing to drink whilst having the greasiest hair.

That’s why I text my friend just to off load, of course she text me the next day with a little joke but I do think she was a bit concerned about me as like I say I don’t often say what I feel in these times.

I really find myself frustrating so much at times. I hate those thoughts especially after a great night out, it always ruins it.

Anyway else feel like this?