♥ September Favourites ♥

tumblr_ncruevWjln1srqfgao1_500I think I may as well start off with what now seems a tradition – I am sorry I havent blogged in a while. Naughty girl. I thought I would take you through some of my favourite items of September. I have tried to keep an eye out on what I keep using and ive put together a group of photographs that I think have “made” my beauty September.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIf you already follow my blog, you may already know that I love dry shampoo due to my beautiful oily hair that I have. Now I saw this in Superdrug and it caught my eye – 1. the colour and vibrancy of the packaging, but then oh hello a new dry shampoo to try out and it was at an introductory price. My first thought of this product when I put it on was “oh dear god this smells of cleaning fluids”, as you can see it doesnt have a “smell” scent, just “exclusive scent”. When applying it, unlike Bastiste shampoo its not a powerdry texture, it makes your hair wet. I thought great (!) My hair looks more greasy now than before!!

After about 30 seconds of thinking, I have wasted some money here – I thought brush your hair and see what happens. Let’s just say, I have not looked back and I do not think I will Bastiste again. The freshness that this product gives to your hair is amazing, its not thick, it doesnt make your hair feel like it has product on it as much as Bastiste aaaaaaaaaaaaand duh duh duh, NO WHITE MARKS!!! The smell after it’s dried is actually lovely, and I couldn’t help but smell my hair haha thinking oh thats a nice smell what is that!

Definitely recommend. Comes in 3 versions, Dry 0% (white can) and volume (which is an orange can)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI LOVE a good bargain and when amazing make up comes from Primark then it is being bought. This beaut of a lipstick was £1, that’s right £1. The pigmentation is amazing, it moisterises as it goes and it’s cute little packaging as well. Plus if you really didn’t want anyone to know you buy your make up from Primarky, they luckily don’t put “THIS IS A PRIMARK LIPSTICK” on the tube.

PicMonkey Collage2Here’s a little piccy of the shade of the lipstick, I love it. I am not used to shiny lipstick but this does have a slight matte finish to it. It is a lot brighter than the images shown, I did wear it on a night out and I felt so confident. Hehe! 😉 **teeth SLIGHTLY whitened, lipstick NOT edited**

Processed with VSCOcamAnother crazy find in Primark, what’s with them at the moment! I saw these at the bottom of the pile of the make up remover pads – these are ex-foliating cleansing wipes. As you can see they have tiny little beads on each of the pads, and they are really effective, they remove the make up well and leave your face nice and smooth! Extra bonus – £1. Thank you Primarky.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI think I am about to say the sentence, I never thought I would ever ever say………. This is my ultimate favourite nail varnish. There I have said it. The reasons as to why I love this nail varnish. 1. the colour is beautiful, a gold shimmery, metallic colour. 2. the texture is not too bumpy, can look amazing whether its matte or shiny. 3, it never chips. 4. it only needs 2 coats. Maybelline Rose Chic.

IMG_20140907_155947Here’s a photo of the beautiful shade on my ring finger. It just sets off the ring finger beautifully and its great with so many different shades of nail varnish. Well done Maybelline.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI reviewed these in my last post <<< actually in my August Favourites and they are STILL my favourites. Bit miffed (how British haha) that I have lost the top to the yellow one. But they are just so good!! They don’t seem to be going down, again I still wish they were cheaper lol but theyre definitely a treat when I buy them.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetLook Beauty Prime Perfect is great, its not too greasy/oily and it gives great coverage of the skin. You don’t need to apply too much of it. I only really use it on nights out, as when you’re dancing around too much, especially with lots of wine your skin can get rather hot!!  It’s not too expensive either. Unfortunately my local Superdrug has got rid of Look Beauty and Beauty UK for that matter, I am not happy with them boo!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAnother one that I reviewed back in my August favourites and as you can tell by the hole of doom in the middle, that I have been using this quite a bit. I still think its not AS good as Rimmel Stay Matte but it is a great alternative. Again good coverage, nice tint and it doesn’t have that “dusty” smell.


On another note, I have been trying to experiment further with my nail art. I do have more materials on order, as in foil to make pretty patterns. Therefore I thought I would show you my favourites from September.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetE.L.F nail varnish in lilac, with Nails Inc White with the dots and a unnamed brand (as in I cant remember) silver within the white.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetAs I had so much love for the Crystallize Rose Chic, I thought I would buy a different version – Nearly Black. Not my favourite but its great for Halloween theme. I also put Orange Sinful Nail Varnish on top of Nails Inc White (in order to bring out the colour), with a touch of spider 😉

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetFirst of all, pat on the back for amazing colours – why thank you (god im turning into Miranda). How PRETTY!! This is the Barry M Aquarium Nail Effects in aqnp8. Amazing to have, the colours are bright, bold and if you’re clever you can chose which ones go on your pinkies! The pink is NEON pink of Nails Inc. I got quite a few likes on Instagram for this…….. I loved it for, 15 minutes, until the pieces kept catching on EVERYTHING. Didnt matter how many top coats I put on, it wasn’t staying – therefore peeling happened. This is what happened 2 hours later.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Mhmm….. awful

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

The last nail varnish edit was using MUA Natural Days and Bright Pink, along with my favourite nail varnish Crystalize to try and edit heart balloons, with the tails spelling LOVE. I did a bit of a Karen from Mean Girls as in when you look at it, it basically says EVOL. Who wants to EVOL me LOL! tit.

My final favourite is a perfume, I had never bought this brand before Accesorize – of course I know of the brand. But I actually bought it on a whim, it was £18 I think lol from Savers and its better than the Boss Orange I bought for £30 earlier that month (no review needed, my mate has bought it off me lol)

Processed with VSCOcam with h3 presetI am not keen on those perfumes that are mega sweet, I like those with a tang to it and this definitely has that. You can still smell it after many hours. The scent name is Promise, and at £18 (roughly) for it’s biggest bottle, think I won in the end.

So there you have it my September favourites, what do you think?


Favourite Finds this weekend.

large (12)

Weekends I absolutely love because I don’t like the week haha and this weekend is 3 days and it is just absolute perfection and I am enjoying every minute. I have seen my girlfriends, I have drunk a lot of alcohol and I have been looking after numero uno! Sometimes you need that!! I have taken some photos of the weekend, nothing amazing but you never know you may like them haha!


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Drugstore Shopping – not ACTUAL drugs……….

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When I shop I often go out and think, I am going to go get some clothes but I kinda end up going into the drugstores and accessory stores instead because I just get too frustrated and depressed in clothes stores, I therefore thought you may want to be nosey as to what I have been up to. After this post, my blog will be different:



Yay Paperchase !!!! I LOVE Paperchase, it is so cute – just like Tiger, I love little shops like this that have all the unique products in it and this is where I have come up with the idea of changing my blog around a bit:

PicMonkey Collageza












I have therefore bought beautiful pastel Sharpie pens and pastel a4 cards to brighten this place up slightly, sticking with the bird colour theme anything that I review will have a background of pastel. I kinda want to have a theme and when I have more money I will change the theme about as I just don’t like the endless scroll down.


Boots was my next stop, and I love Boots but not as much as Superdrug of course you buy all of the lady toiletries and I had a little splurge in here 🙂

PicMonkey Collagesd

It was 3 for 2 yay!! and I have just realised, I have absolutely no idea where the 3rd product I bought is…….. bugger. Anyway, I love this Soap and Glory product, it smells absolutely beautiful like you are rubbing honey porridge all over you (yes I know that’s a bit different), it makes your skin really smooth and a lovely finish on your skin is left

PicMonkey Collagefe

This is actually the first time I have bought this product and I love it, its a really nice scent and its full of sea salt so you can imagine that all that horrible rough skin, the top skin will go and it’s really easy to apply.


Yay Superdrug!! My go to store really 🙂



I cannot begin to tell you how amazing these wipes are, they are so refreshing, make your face feel so clean, alive and just lovely. There is a gorgeous smell to them and now my Mum has found them so is now nicking them as well *grumble*

PicMonkey CollageererMy hair becomes really oily quickly, I hate it. So every next day I have to apply dry shampoo as I really don’t want to get into the habit of washing it every day as its bad. My favourite scent is the blush scent, it’s not too over powerful to the point where you know I am wearing dry shampoo – because sometimes you can easily know someone is by the smell or the fact your hair is white. Which brings me onto the blonde one, adds that extra bit of oomph to my hair as it seems to be getting darker with age 😦 .


Finally, every 90’s girl has had an Impulse in their life. I have gone through so many in my life because I get bored of the scents so therefore this is my new one and I love it. Its girly, fresh, flowery and just a nice modern scent. Do you have a favourite Impulse?