Friday & Saturday Me days & OOTD

IMG_20140608_151440Some days you need to just have a day that is dedicated to you, parents wanted to take me out today but I have such a busy 2 weekends coming up I just wanted to have a me day. Me days are the best, you don’t have to answer to anyone, you do as you wish, you look as you want to look and you have no time limits. Normally on my days off and my me days, I have a day of getting myself more glammed up than usual and just go for a drive, music blaring, windows down and just loving life. Driving through the countryside and the streets and escaping life, but also clearing my mind on so many things that keep me awake at night. Looking over the Kent valleys makes you realise how small your life is sometimes and you have just gotta go with it. Then I came back, stupidly logged online and I was greeted with negativity on my beautiful Facebook, think im definitely going to stick to Twitter soon and my profile for only my blogging friends. Anyway, this is what I have been up to today, prepare for selfies ๐Ÿ™‚ PS here’s another beautiful flower for my beautiful readers, from me to you xo

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Stop spending woman – shopping haul time! #primark #katemoss #plussize

IMG_20140608_152045Damn working in the town centre, I have to walk past the pretty shops and I have to try to resist the urge….. how dare you shops to be so enticing and some “you need me now!!”. Again here is a lovely flower you for the reader ๐Ÿ™‚ I know I know I spoil you haha. Let’s have a look as to what I bought shall we……. if you’re not bothered then, have a lot at any other posts, there’s plenty to read ๐Ÿ™‚

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Look of the day!

large (1) large

Well as I thought the first outfit//look of the day went well I will try again, so ……. here we are going et voila! As I currently cannot do much yet with my back I am unable to move about so I thought I would have a play about with my make up and do things that I keep meaning to do. Here is my day ๐Ÿ™‚

PicMonkey Collagex

Just like yesterday I was wearing a lace top, this time in a cream colour. Its a beautiful sunny day and you can wear this with any top as an overlay – I believe that I got this from Primark for less than a tenner which is always a bargain. I haha er hmm am wearing the same trousers as I did yesterday but theyre so comfy as I don’t want much restriction on my back at the moment they are perfect.

PicMonkey CollagelipThe shade of lipstick that I am wearing above is the Barry M 156 colour, it looks like a matte tone but it does have a shimmer. It is beautiful to put on to your lips and you only need to put it on a few times over your lips. Unfortunately in my next photo I didnt really apply it properly plus I was a bit all over the place on these strong meds haha, so I highly apologise. But this lipstick is a definite purchase, I forgot all about it. I definitely prefer the darker shades to lighter shades I have now decided and agreed…………… with myself.

PicMonkey CollagessHaha!! look at my chubby little hamster cheeks!! Anyway this is the shade, I think it’s beautiful for all seasons and weathers and of course it would leave an amazing mwah mark on someone ๐Ÿ˜‰

PicMonkey CollagegardenAs my bedroom is on the ground floor of my house I decided to open my french windows and have some lovely air going through my room and it was great just to sit there, look out into the garden (this is only a fraction of it by the way lol – NOT boasting!!) and to see all the shades of green and of course the beautiful sunshine!! Mum suddenly shouted from the other end that she saw loads of frogs spawn in the pond and look LOADS!! Finally every day these 2 chubby big pigeons come into our garden, okay they may not be the same but they’re always two chubby ones. I need a name for them, theyre so funny to watch and they stand around guarding the garden. Finally my shadow, Ive got my mega baggy trousers on but look how amazingly long my legs are, ive got short legs so im really jealous of my shadow right now!

PicMonkey Collage5My eye shadow today is from a a palette from ELF makeup which I will be showing you later, as well as using a sprinkle of white dusting powder in the corner of my eyes. The eyeliner is the “felt tip eyeliner” from Collection 2000 and the eyebrow pencil is from the MUA Luxe range (mid brown). Love the colour of my eyes not too subtle but just nice for a day, my eyes again look a bit droopy because of the meds so I apologise I look a bit out of it and sad lol!

PicMonkey CollagexsHere’s the eye shadow that I used, as you can see it gives you a step by step guide as to how to do it…. the left side of the palette is for the day and the right is for the dark but of course its great to mix them all up!! Below is the Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in Purple which I have added to the top of my eyes as well, I also have this in aqua and dark blue as well. Finally I spent a few hours of my day cleaning or starting to clean my make up brushes uses the ELF make up brush remover.

That was my day……. not a lot but hey!


90’s girl memories

What I have learnt about myself during lockdown (2)

The 90’s appear lately to be a great era to have been a little girl. I was born in 1989 in the UK, so all of my childhood was throughout the 90’s so I can definitely state that I am a 90’s kid. If you were born 1995+ I do not classify you to be a 90’s kid as hardly any one remembers the first 5 years of your life. *sorry not sorry*

I’ve chosen a number of pictures which represent how I feel about the 90’s:

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Shoes – Girl Issues

large (23) large (24)

I am not a girl who loves shoes, I will put it out there right now. I would rather go around in bare feet or socks all the time. I cannot count the amount of times when I get off the bus (when the ground is dry) and I pass a certain corner and I take my shoes off to walk home. I do have a number of shoes but if I like them I will always buy them cheap and I will buy 2 or 3 pairs. I have 3 pairs of high heeled shoes, 2 are boots like the ones on the top right and the others are strapped high heel about 1 inch and a half. I have had these heels for 5/6 years, they are battered and that reminds me I need to do the heel again, but why would I buy some new shoes and give myself so much pain.

Pain that girls go through on a night out is hell. I go through certain stages and maybe you agree with me:

1. God these shoes look amazing I need to buy them

2. They will go great with that outfit and I cant wait to wear them

3. Wow look at my legs in these heels looking so long!

4. Okay lets get this party started the girls are loving my new shoes

5. I get up and im walking like Bambi, I did not realise how tall I am in these shoes – ooooh I love the sound of the clippy cloppy.

6. Get to the club and start walking and dancing around a bit, feeling very confident in myself and just loving life.

7. More drinks are in and I can feel my toes tightening up, the balls of my feet are starting to get uncomfortable and my god my heels.

8. Okay my legs are now getting sore, the pain from my feet are going up my leg and im starting to tip toe around as I don’t want to apply any pressure. MORE DRINK to relieve the pain!!!!

9. I have now got to ย the stage where I physically do not want to move anymore and I stand dance.

10. SHOES ARE OFF!!! SHOES ARE OFF!!! now having to balance being pissed, holding my drink, clutch bag under my shoulder and now the shoes. I don’t want to put them on the floor as its dirty.

11. Walking back to the taxi rank with no shoes, looking very shameful and walking like a penguin who’s been walking on hot coals, finally sitting in the taxi trying not to touch my feet.

12. The next morning – FUUUUUUUUUUCK I cannot walk.

Why do girls go through this pain!! Why can’t it be acceptable to wear flats on a night out, god it would be amazing.