Must learn to relax.

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We all relax in different ways, some like to read a book, listen to music, do an activity, see their friends, be busy or just sit in an empty room (whatever floats your boat). One of the ways I like to relax is to just not be involved within technology and social media at all, turning off my phone – logging off twitter/facebook etc and just having “me” time.

I have two websites which I use often, one for relaxation purposes and the other when I am feeling absolutely rubbish about myself – both of these links I have now put on my blog so please if you ever feel down or anxiety issues are raised please check it out. I promise you it will help you!

If they don’t, you have tried.

The links are:

“Do Nothing for 2 mins”

“My Quiet Place”

“Those rainy days”

I really do hope that they help just one person out there, if it is only that one person and if it is you – let me know.