I’m living the movie of Julie and Julia – without the cooking & the man….

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So here I am sat writing my blog whilst watching Julie and Julia and I start to realise when watching this that my life is Julia’s at the start. It made me feel like crap. I do deal with generally the same type of people everyday, I cannot begin to tell you how often customers make me feel like shite on the phone.

I seriously do not think that the public *dammit got so annoyed my nail varnish smudged (repaint) hmm anyway* think about the way in which they speak to the other person on the end of the line. I work in a “call centre” type business for the local council, so you can imagine the type of calls. Of course there are some absolutely love people but most of them and I mean 90% of them are men having a go at the council but it feels like it is me. I know that they’re not having a go at me personally but it’s hard when they’re shouting down the phone to you and being so rude!!

Over the past few weeks especially due to all the bad weather we have been getting and the high volume of rude calls that I am receiving, I am starting to really hate my job. It is not something that I want to be doing at all. I have applied for jobs but I have been declined. Then it got me thinking when I was watching Julie and Julia how much I love blogging, I love to write about how I am feeling, my thoughts, opinions etc and it is absolutely my little break from all the chaos.

The film of course goes through the idea of blogging about cooking, well there’s no way that that is going to happen as I cannot cook!! But it just made me realise how special it is to have your own personal view out there and if someone else agrees with you great!

I want to do something that I enjoy, that gives me escapism and this is it. The film is definitely a “role model” film for those bloggers out there. I may not be able to cook and I may not have a man in my life, but I am trying my hardest to blog.

ps. remember if you ever do call through to complain to someone just the sentence “I am not having a go at you, I do apologise” it seriously relaxes and makes the person who is taking your call feel just that bit much better. 


Fashion is you

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We all dress differently, we all dress to our size and we all dress to feel good or, sometimes just to feel comfy – but it is always great to dress to feel a-maaaaaaazing.

I have just found these two outfits online and I actually love them, one I hate red but I love that dress and all the accessories and the other is so colourful and “summery”.

As a “bigger” girl I am a size 18 (just researched feel good – size 16 in US) these types of clothing is not often deemed appropriate for the larger girl to dress like this. But I say dress as you wish!! As long as you feel amazing in it and as long as you feel comfortable then wear whatever the bloody hell you like to wear.

I personally would wear both of these, but I just do not get the fashion clothing for the girls who are size 16+, its always tent like. Okay great on those days when you feel absolutely rubbish but sometimes that type of clothing — scratch that pretty much all the time that tent clothing makes you feel even bigger.

When I was at Uni I went down to a size 14 and I do blame the Uni diet of having no money, I am definitely a comfort eater which is the worst. But I think as long as you feel happy and you are healthy you are fine.

Just be yourself and love yourself, because in the end it is only you – be selfish for once.


Imagine if your biggest day changed?

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Think of your biggest day yet, what if that never happened, what if your path of life changed? Would you be the same person, would you still have the same friends and what would your life be like now?

Just have a think about that for a moment, we all lead the lives we lead – some plan them, some take life for a ride and some go with the flow. But what if the biggest day never happened for you, for example:

Imagine if you didn’t get the grades you had to get to go to the University you wanted, you would have gone to your 2nd or 3rd choice – you would have met different people, maybe led a different social life, may or may not have met the love of your life and you may have done a different course. After that would your life be different?

Question for you, if you have never met your closest friends you have now – do you honestly think that you would be friends with those people now? Would you have the same opinions, dislike the same people and the same things?

Strange to think isn’t it, but life is fitted for us. We of course can try to change the way we lead life, sure there will always be options on the way such as a simple “ill go for a walk instead of the bus or I will go for that drink with that person” – we are all unique but we are all the same as well.


So frustrated with myself.

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Welcome to my life. 

So I have been single for nearly 6 years now, bugger.

I have been on dates and I talk to boys/men whatever you want to classify them as, but as soon as it starts to get into “do you want to go on a date phase” or they say that they are interested I basically really back off.

What’s wrong!! I want to be in a relationship, but I just have this absolute fear of doing going further. It’s really getting to me now and I do not want to be someone who ends up on their own.

Any suggestions?



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Welcome to 2014, let’s hope it rocks.

So I started off my new year with my mum painting my nails, watching rubbish tv and bed as soon as it turned to midnight as I had to go to work the next day. Hello Cinderella.

I have actually no idea why I chose to work New Year apart from the extra money, it caused me so much stress which I did not need to start the year.

But on a positive note, 2 days ago I celebrated my 25th birthday. Lol definitely sucks to have everything all together, thats it now until Easter. I doubt I will have a valentines day, so bring on more chocolate (seriously I could open up a chocolate shop with all the treats over the xmas and birthday time!). Fatty boom boom!

I made a 2013 memory jar and I decided to open it up on January 2nd and wow I was shocked as to what I had actually been through!! Some of the highlights is my Nan (who is also 80 on my birthday – yay go her!) beat cancer, my Mum found out she didnt have breast cancer, I have had a number of job interviews and it just seemed positive. Well I wanted to think that.

I put it on facebook and haha, it seems that everyone is now tagging me in photos of the jar idea as they all thought I came up with it. Clearly I spend too much time on pinterest.com haha oh dear! But I am definitely making another one up.

Anyway 2014, what do I want to happen:

– to buy a car

– to have a boyfriend

– to have a job in which I don’t dread going into every morning

– to have enough money to move out.

what I think will happen:

– I will still be sharing my mums car

– I will be still single

– I will still be stuck in the same job hating it more and going for interviews but getting frustrated

– I will be as poor as ever.

but…………. I am trying to change, so we shall see.

Anyway – Happy New Year.