I’ve been on holiday!! A photograph postcard

30So where have you been Miss, why haven’t you been posting?? why have you been quite?? whats been going on… I hear you say *well in my head you’re all very interested, but there could only be 1 person, so hello to you..

*on a side note, I have noticed over the past month I have become more and more like Miranda Hart… I even galloped around a park the other day. Not because someone made me, but because I had the sudden urge!!*

Anyway, off topic. The end of July, I went to one of my ultimate favourite places on Earth – Kefalos in Kos, Greece. I have been going since I was a teenager, so for the past 10 years I have enjoyed holidays here… its got that bad that the locals start recognising lol!

I therefore thought I would take you through some photos of my time and tempt you to go as well, its a relaxing holiday, I am in no way wanting or ever wanting a do something every day holiday.

By the way, all photos are mine 🙂 The one above is of the harbour at Kamari Bay, just blissful.


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Shopping Haul – Select Fashion, ASDA George, Primark & New Look

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Its pay day weekend woohoo everyone!! Which means that it’s time to buy new dresses. I haven’t worn trousers or just tops in so long now im obsessed with wearing dresses. I feel very girly in them, I feel that they cover all my bad parts and they come in so many designs they just make me feel great inside. I thought I would show you some of the new additions to my wardrobe, with an added extra few photos 🙂


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