Fireworks, Harry Potter and Happiness


I am the worlds worst blogger.. There I said it. I havent had the time to update my blog, I have been busy and also the fact that the internet does not work in my bedroom is also a huge factor. But I am currently on a 5 day break from work, bloody marvellous!! I thought I would share with you, what I have been up to the past few weeks. This past weekend, I have been having family friends down, seeing my friends and just enjoying life. I haven’t once thought about him, until I drank…. well that’s been 2 glasses of wine for the past three nights… and 1 slightly tipsy walk through town at 7pm at night (yes 7pm) whilst eating a cheeseburger… dear god ive turned into a lightweight – ANYWAY !! Enjoy! 🙂

63983_10204519638703826_8554734739660583741_nFirst of all, god I would love this again. Me and my mum went to the annual Fireworks show at the local castle, we’ve been going for the past few years and its become a sort of tradition now. The hot chocolate was a beautiful addition, along with the mulled wine, the extra fatty doughnuts and…. okay let’s forget im on a diet! HAHA!! This year’s theme of the fireworks was “animal”, so the fireworks were in tune to animal themed songs – Karma Chameleon – Culture Club, Tiger Feet, Circle of Life (you get the jist). It wasn’t as good as last year, but the fireworks are still better than if I did them myself!!

Here are some photos of the event, I know that you won’t feel the atmosphere but you get the jist 🙂


10609502_10204521421228388_6342012008203185668_nAs well as tradition seeing the fireworks, the opportunity to be a big kid never fails in my eyes. I am a huge kid basically or many would actually say a cross between Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) and Miranda (in Miranda Harts sitcom), it’s ridiculous how close that combination is.Therefore when I see a carousel, I am going on that carousel. haha!


10805649_10204521412788177_4429829116655737354_nI just love how free and escapism you can be, I think to myself I am in that scene in Mary Poppins. Unfortunately the horses don’t gallivant off the stage area, but hey ho one can only wish… oh dear god I said “one” as in me… what’s happened lol! This is me, hiya! As you can see rather happy, I am in love with my new coat (which you will see in up and coming photos. The lipstick is MUA Lip Switch in Plum, eyebrows, MUA luxe eyebrow mid brown and the rest…. depends how I feel on the day. Oh scarf – primark 🙂

10006213_10203851368297641_863875162457616502_nI do adore this coat, its from Primark and it cost £28. It has black detailing all along where the zips should be, it can be buttoned up the top and the top two panels can be used as a scarf or just to keep you snuggly and warm.


The next time we went out, we met up with my brother in London and went to Harry Potter Tour at Warner Bros Studios. I was so looking forward to this day, one it was a birthday gift for my mum, two meeting up with my brother, thirdly to see the beautiful sets and finally to meet up with my ex uni house mate as he was now an assistant manager there 🙂 Great to see him and looking happy too!

10406815_10152601991659495_5210210697378558208_nHere’s me and mum arriving, of course brother is taking photos at this point it wasnt a CCTV job haha!! I am sure that everyone has seen someone’s photos that have been here before. I knew what was coming up, but you literally cannot photograph everything. There is so much to see its unbelievable. I am only including about 4/5 photos so don’t panic, I am not going to take you on this huge journey haha!

10644671_10204561455509220_5642025876113652117_nI just adore the detailing of this, the fabric used in the dressing of Umbridge was gorgeous, the colours mixed so well together and the broach (I heart the broach). It was little things like this that you don’t see in the movies. The fabric looked so expensive as well.

10592654_10204561445868979_2245229754028268841_n (1)When I finally realised that I needed to turn on HDR setting on my phone, the camera quality was much improved – bugger of a pain as I didn’t want to go back around and retake photos haha!! How details is the pendulum though, its just utterly beautiful.

10516807_10204561453269164_7624284557637427772_nAaargh scary!! Its me haha only joking. I never imagined this door to be so huge, the detailing was incredible of the snakes and it looks so old as well. There were so many props here on the day that you really didnt think “wow imagine all that time and effort” for example – labelling all the potion bottles, the books, the lights were all different, the walls, the ceilings etc. We went when the Christmas lights and decorations were put up and it just was just magical. I would seriously recommend going around Christmas time.

10407211_10203929797578324_7142848471074892263_nFinally heres the set everyone just gasps at. You go from a lovely nice area of art work and how things were made, and you could hear everyone going “WOW!” and you knew what was coming. It was breath taking this model. Here’s me and mum having a moment together, whilst my brother took a sneaky photo of us 🙂 She thoroughly enjoyed her day and that made it even more special.

It was a great day out, and I would highly recommend going by train NOT by car as you get to go on a Harry Potter bus to get there, which just adds to the magical experience.

Hope everyone is alright.