Love to love yourself….

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We all have those bad bits on our body which we hate, which we want to change and what we would rather not look at. So I thought I would just get it off my chest:

  • My Stomach
  • My Legs
  • My Neck
  • My Hair (trichotillomania sufferer)
  • My PCOS
  • My IBS
  • My TOS (thoracic outlet syndrome) along with a further trapped nerve and my scars on my neck
  • My anxiety.

BUT on the other hand, I should also love parts of me as I have to live with me all my life and it is up to me to change some of those things so – I like:

  • My Hair Colour
  • My Eyes
  • My smile
  • My patience
  • I am easy to get to know
  • I am relaxed
  • My height
  • My boobs haha!
  • My characteristics on my face
  • My confidence when I do not care.

Although we all hate ourselves some days and just want to hide away, someone else may love our bad bits. So learn to love each part of you.


And in that moment, I swear we were infinite

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I always say think positive, there is no point being negative at all in life – what’s the reason of you being negative, what is it going to bring to your life apart from sadness and just making you feel like absolute shite.

We can go for days, weeks, months, years with our day to day lives but it takes that special second – moment – day to make our lives 100% better even just for that time. IF you find that something special in your life, that special someone or whatever you find that makes you feel  just bloody brilliant inside it, do me a favour – Keep hold of it close, never let it go and don’t let anyone spoil it or make you feel negative about it.

It’s your life, you chose who your friends are, you chose which family members you want to speak to, you chose what clothes you want to wear, you chose if you want to wear make up and you chose what you say. If you chose to be negative stay away from me. I do not want to lead a negative life, I do not want to be brought down by those who cannot see that we live in a world with those surrounding us love us for who we are.

Just remember, it’s your life. You only have the one life and if you believe in reincarnation then this is your chapter. You maybe only one person in billions but you are someone’s world.

I saw something the other day and the quote was:

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”

Take photographs all the time with your friends, take photographs of moments, video those funny moments. Times change, people change but those who love you the truest will be there no matter what.

Ps, I in no way condone that if you are not happy with your life to do something negative against your own self. Please speak to a loved one or someone that wishes to help you.