My amazing Mum…

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I never thank my mum enough: 


Over the past three years she has been amazing, I know that I am really trying to not be personal here or say a lot of what my life is about, but she has had to deal with so much.

2 years ago, she lost her mother (my favourite ever person, who I still love and miss everyday) from cancer suddenly, she had just started a new job around this time which she enjoyed and she had to give it up as we lived too far away from my nan and she wanted to look after her. A few months after my nan passing away we had a house fire, my bedroom and the downstairs was damaged but the image of my mum being dragged away trying to save her house screaming was emotional to see. Months and months passed by and she was trying to get herself back together again, she gained a new job and her back went. A few weeks off from this and she hardly ever moaned.

Finally middle of last year, we received a phone call in the early hours in the morning in which my dad was taken to hospital from a fall, he had suffered a very bad brain injury and was close to fatal. She had to go away for 2-3 weeks over 200 miles away to a town she had never been before on her own, sleeping in a hotel, going to the cinema, trying to keep her mind of things, whilst trying to be strong for myself and my brother. My dad has never fully recovered, he is different but he is still my dad – he was in 3 different hospitals including a rehab unit. The idea at one point that he had no idea who she was, was devastating for her. 4 months passed and my dad was allowed home, of course there have been massive ups and downs, but she has dealt with them.

My mum has got herself back up, she now has the most perfect job for her where she comes home everyday smiling and happy. She tries to not let things get to her.

Last year she surprised me by taking me to see my favourite  ever band which I have loved for over 10 years. She had arranged secretly to get the boys from the band to sign a card, in which no one else had received in the queue for the concert.

Even though we argue, we bicker and we disagree on somethings I would not change my mum for anyone. She is the best. Even though it is only a little thank you me and my brother are taking her to Harry Potter in London just to say thanks. I wish we could do more for her.

As well as this, Mothers Day makes you realise how much you are so lucky to have a Mum, someone to talk to when you need to. Make sure as well you say thank you to your Nan’s they are Mums too and deserve as much recognition!!

Do not be ashamed to say,

I Love my Mum