Girls can be vile.

largeI have touched on this subject before, but tonight some news has come about which has just made me really really annoyed. It probably won’t make anyone else annoyed, but because of the emotions involved it’ll mean more to me. ** if non of this makes sense, its because im pissed off, oh and theres quite a bit of swearing in this post**

Over the past few days, I have learnt more about girls than ever. I have previously spoke about how girls should unite together and we should!! We should stick together, because hey who’s gonna go up against those annoying boys 😉 But some girls can be just pure horrible. Girls can be the most argumentative, judgemental and bitchy characters out of the two sexes.

I am one and I will put my hands up, I have judged, I have bitched but I have never ever been malicious, controlling or vile.

There are two quick stories, I am going to tell. One is about my best friend and the other is about me.

The best friend

My girl has liked this boy for nearly 2 years now, this boy (who quite frankly is abit of a dick and an arsehole and I have said it to her face), he has made her feel so happy, made her cry and made her feel rather small. The lad and her met at work, there was a mutual friend who knew my girl, him and his ex. I am a rather good judge of character and I never trusted him ever. I was right to think that. Throughout these 2 years, the ex has stalked her, said horrible things about her on facebook. My girl and our mutual friend used to be really close, and she used to tell him what they had been getting up to, how amazing he was etc…. Low and behold, he went back to the ex and told her sister… who then passed that on. Unfortunately for this dickhead of a mutual friend, he stupidly sent the text saying “she thinks that im her friend, but im telling you everything”………. One, what an absolute tw*t, two – I know he isnt a girl, but what the ex and her sister did next was horrible.

My girl friend was out celebrating her degree *go her!* and 30 minutes after I left her, these two girls came up to her, cornered her in a well…. corner and started saying vile things to her, threatened her and chucked drinks over her. Luckily a friend (a boy) stood in the way and got her out of there.

Why are girls so horrible, the boy is single (unless he’s lying)! why can’t you just piss off.

why are girls so:

– horrible

– rude

– disgusting

– controlling

– unapologetic

My friend never set out to hurt anyone, she never set out to ruin any relationships (if there was one in place, she didnt know), she is a normal girl wanting to start a relationship.

My story

As I have said before, I like this guy. We used to be best friends until I fucked it up and I got so scared. Last November I met his girlfriend (who invited me to his surprise party – possibly keeping enemies closer thing)) she was horrible to me, very judgemental, she made me cry on a night out and made me feel very very small for being his friend. I can’t help it that he still had at that time feelings for me, I hid mine well as again, I am in no way shape or form wanting to ruin a relationship.

Since then, he has not responded to any texts, messages from me, our mutual friend and HIS FAMILY. I cannot stand what’s happening. I know she’s controlling him, I saw it back in November. I have had it so many times, with our mutual friend as we really are close and now him. To prove a point, all throughout our mutual friend’s relationship we hardly spoke, since theyve been split up in 2 months, we text nearly every other day and seen each other loads………… I just do not get it!!!!

But tonight, I plucked up the courage to speak to this guy’s sister, as we get on and I also saw she isn’t friends with this girlfriend on facebook. It appears he does not speak to any of his family, the girlfriend is over controlling and he basically needs to grow balls.

All I want to say to this boy, not the “I like you” part – as theyre still together, but just a simple “hi how are you?” – how hard is that?


Moral of the story, I am pissed off.

More moral of the story:

– if and when I get in a relationship, I will no way ever be like that and if I do, my friends have told me that they will say it straight.


Proud to be a woman, don’t hate.

large (9)

Let’s celebrate being a woman, lets celebrate the best things about being a girl and lets stop all the hate between each other. So many girls nowadays are competing with each other to get the best look, the best boyfriend, the best figure, lifestyle, clothes, make up and the better friendship sometimes we forget that we should all be together.

I grew up in the 90’s so throughout my childhood the phrase “GIRL POWER” was at the forefront due to the Spice Girls. They showed us that although we are all individuals that we should stick together, whatever race we are, sexuality, age, height, weight and any disabilities we all should be there for one another.

I see it a lot now and I am not sure whether it’s because of age that girls can be the absolute worst to each other, the green jealous giant can show at any moment and it can ruin friendships. If you are in school at the moment and you are either being bullied by a girl or your friend is losing interest in you as a friend, just remember they will not be there all your life – your true friends come later in life. They are not better than you in no way shape or form, we are all skeletons – we are all humans – we are all girls. You could have the best musical/artistic/sport skills and she could have another of those skills, that’s what makes us individuals but if we stick together we could all learn from each other. We could learn and we could teach each other these skills.


Of course us girls do stick together when men get involved, we hate to see each other upset – I am one that will never cheat on someone and unfortunately there are some ladies out there that don’t really care, but as long as you are a strong woman inside you will learn from the experience – again teach others and be a better girl next time around.

How many female role models do you know in the media, they are strong independent women who love to show how life should be looked into – positive, creative and admiring women. Such women as (and I know some may disagree) – Your favourite musical artist, the Olympian that you saw competing either winning a medal or not, the author of your favourite book, the politician you agree or agree to disagree with and of course you have your complete role models your female family member.

Your role model should be someone you want to look up to – my role models are the female relatives in my life – My Mum, both of my Nans and my Aunt. They are my true models and when one of them goes from your life such as my Nan, it tore me apart but I knew that she was the strongest woman I ever knew, she made me laugh, cry, gave the best hugs and advice and she raised the most amazing person in my life………. my mum.


So what I am saying is – be young, be mature, be wise, listen to your heart, do not follow the trend, be individual, be creative, be a role model to someone, be there for other girls, be there to be that shoulder to cry on and don’t compare you to others, don’t compare your life as you only live the one. Stick together as individuals, individuals as a group is a strong group.

Believe in you.


Jealousy is a horrible trait girls.

I am sure that boys/men lol the opposite sex lets say do not often get jealous, I am sure they do but not as much as girls/women. Okay for the blog purpose it’ll be girls and boys can’t be dealing with all the faff of the lovely “/” symbol.

Jealousy is a horrible trait, it can make you feel shit about yourself, it can make you want to change yourself when you should accept yourself and it can also make you lose friends, gain fake friends and also make enemies.

There are different types of jealousy good and bad of course:

The Work – I am jealous of their promotion, I am jealous of the way they work, I am jealous of the money that they receive and I am jealous of their lifestyle that comes with their job. OF course some of these can also play a big part in pushing yourself forward to gain that promotion, to learn new skills etc – but if it starts to take over your life and changes the way your out of work lifestyle will be, take a sit back, relax and think what do you deserve more and what makes you happy.

The Relationship – Whether it will be the ex partner and you’re jealous of the new partner of them, or whether you are jealous of other relationships because you are the single one, or you’re in an unhappy relationship – this will always bring issues. I personally cannot stand girls in relationships who are jealous of their partners “girl” friends, they are the worst type, when they are insecure little girls. Use the positives to any advantages though, if you’re not happy in a relationship then see why you are unhappy and chose what to do about that.

The Friendship – This can be if someone is more popular than you, they could be getting more attention or again their lifestyle (you cannot keep up with their spending money, days out etc). I have been in the position of the jealous friend, we were a threesome of friends and this one particular girl just turned on me because me and the other girl were getting closer but that’s only because of circumstances. It made for awful days at school (but then again school can be the worst place for friendships – friendships aren’t often carried through life from school). If you do become in these situations truly think who your true friends are.

Life & comparisons – I am bigger than that girl, I am smaller than that girl, I have awful fashion sense compared, she is prettier than me, I have less money etc etc. You will get to the stage of jealousy in which you feel uncomfortable about yourself and you will feel weaker and there is no need to do that. You are you, you are beautiful and you are precious, individual and were put on this earth to not be a copy cat.

Jealous girls.

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I cannot begin to tell you how jealous girls annoy me, it’s not the beauty, it’s not the clothes, it’s not the make up, it is the friendship.

In my life I have had a number of boy best friends go from my life, all because of over controlling girlfriends. Some I have gotten to like but only because I have had to put so much effort into it and I feel so fake.

I do not know how insecure you have to feel about yourself and how much non trust you have in your boyfriend to be jealous of their girl best friend or even just friend/peer. One of the reasons as to my moan today is of a boy (he is mid 20’s but the way he is acted im saying boy as to be honest that’s all he is now).

This boy I have known due to my previous work and we got close as friends and used to talk all the time, opening up and helping each other out with advice etc. Nothing relationships or feelings between the pair of us at all. One night I was in a club and my Dad had an awful accident and he knew of this, in which he came and gave me a hug (as you do as friends).

As soon as he gave me a hug – the girlfriend spotted this and gave me the worst look ever. I thought no I am going to be adult about this and explain but she wasnt having any of it, okay I was slightly fake in saying she looked nice etc but that’s because I hate confrontation.

Anyway – 1 week later, he was deleted off my Facebook, he didn’t reply to any texts and he didn’t even look at me at work. Just gone. I was leaving work to go onto another company at this point and I thought I just couldn’t be bothered.

If we were on nights out with mutual friends, she would constantly watch me, drag him away from me, turn his head and would never leave his side. I had literally done nothing wrong. They split up about 5/6 months down the line and he messaged me saying I can’t believe how I was etc.. I am often a forgive but never forget.

2 weeks later they’re back together and yet again I am deleted.

This went on for over a year and a half. 1 month ago he added me on Facebook, I accepted only to have a go at him. He’s so much older than her, he has lost friends, family and respect from so many people and he agreed, he was slagging her off left, right and centre saying that he fell out of love. Yet again, 1 week later I cannot find him anyway. I go to check her Facebook – hey presto they’re back together.

I am no longer friends with him, I cannot put up with a pathetic excuse of a man.

If any girl is going to lead your life, dictate as to what you do, who to speak, look at, talk to then you need to grow a pair of f*cking balls. That does go for boys doing that for girls as well.

God I hate people like this, maybe I am just too relaxed.

Grr, anyone else feel this?