One of my dream jobs.

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It may not sound amazing to you, but a dream job came to me the other day and I had an interview for it as well. I thought oh my god they have actually chosen me, the amount of applications I do and it gets nowhere (and they are for jobs, I just thought I would apply for!!), but this job is something I really wanted.

I have always wanted to work in a school, either as a teacher, teacher assistant, admin etc and this job was combining my degree of marketing and working in a school. I was like YES, I am going to prepare myself so much for this, loads of research and everything I need to do to get the job.

My brother had previously gone to the schools and I thought yes okay I will use that to my advantage.

I had to do a 5 minute presentation describing what was said to me in the email:

Please review the Trust’s website ………….and make suggestions and recommendations.

You will be asked to feedback your evaluation and recommendations in a short presentation at the interview. Your presentation must be no longer than five minutes and should also consider a practical timeframe for suggested improvements to go live.”

In which is what I exactly did, I did loads of recommendations which I thought were great, I went through each step and the time frames and what this could do to improve the school’s communication.

The next stage was a questionnaire from the three people who were there and I answered them absolutely fine, I thought.

I was then taken on a tour of the school and built a rapport with the person who I would be working with and we had a few giggles and jokes.

And finally I was given a task to write a “press release” (never done one in my life!) and to sort and order how important some tasks were.

I came out of there feeling amazing, I felt like I had the job – I felt that the one area which let me down was the press release.

The next day I was refreshing my email again and again and again, I had in my head what my first day would be like and everything – never felt that confident about anything before.

I then looked at my phone…….. voicemail…….. *butterflies*……….. I didnt get the job

I was actually heartbroken, I really wanted that job. So I rang them back for feed back, they said everything was great apart from my presentation in which I did not mention as to why marketing would be good…. Did they not listen to a word I said 😦 It also never stated I had to emphasise on that area, I felt on the day that I rushed it only because they said I had 5 minutes. If they said I had more time, I would have gone into so much more depth.

Not been so gutted in a long time. But onwards and upwards, although not feeling it at the moment. I don’t want to work in a call centre all my life, I hate it.