Stop spending woman – shopping haul time! #primark #katemoss #plussize

IMG_20140608_152045Damn working in the town centre, I have to walk past the pretty shops and I have to try to resist the urge….. how dare you shops to be so enticing and some “you need me now!!”. Again here is a lovely flower you for the reader 🙂 I know I know I spoil you haha. Let’s have a look as to what I bought shall we……. if you’re not bothered then, have a lot at any other posts, there’s plenty to read 🙂

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Best way to take lipstick off – KISSES.


As I said on Twitter (@loveyouandthem by the way), I was going or am shall I writing a post about the lipsticks that I own. I own a fair few lipsticks and I hardly wear them, but when I do it gives me so much confidence. If anyone else wore lipstick at work I definitely would but not single woman I work with wears it and I feel silly when I do. When people see me on nights out or on days off they’re shocked I wear it and I’m like it’s normal!!

Lipstick just gives you that extra ooze of confidence, gives your smile that more noticeable and of course it attracts the males/females whatever tickles your fancy.

So here are the lipsticks that I own ……. so far lol!, ps I have tried to match the lips to the shade of the lippy:



To be honest my least favourite lipstick that I own, its great although I will give it its due for a morning pick me up and its easy to apply but it just does not stay. As you can see whilst I have been on the bus I have decided to wipe away all the text from the product, therefore it took a hella long time to find out what the hell this was called hence the note inside the photo! This is the only photo I have that shows the product look on a piece of paper as it was the late thought “oh this would have been a good idea to do” but then I couldn’t be arsed to go back and change them all! Its my only product of the crayon type that I own and probably will ever own.


Poundland are strangely becoming one of my favourite places for make up, THERE I said it it’s now out in the open. The Gothica range comes out around the halloween time and it’s just bloody marvellous. If you ever see this lipstick along with their gothica black nail varnish I cannot stress to you enough to buy it. The nail varnish needs 1 coat, its so opaque and it hardly chips. This lipstick is great it really deepens the lips and especially with a dark red lipstick it makes it even vampier (yes that is a word….) love it!


I use this lipstick more in the Spring / Summer time with the pastel shades of clothing that I like to wear. Its light, creamy and easy to apply and lasts for sometime. The shade is not too pink but its just about right for someone to think “is she wearing lipstick or are that her own lips”… or my lips are just a weird pink shade lol!


I wore this and wrote about this in my look of the day the other day – if you wish to read that click on this — iloveyouyouknowthat — it’s a hidden gem that I found at the bottom of my make up box and I just love it! When I first saw this in the shop I did think “shit this is a bit dark” but its a proper grower and its a beautiful purply/red colour and I love it!


This used to be one of my favourites before I found the others and it is just a delight a beaut of a lipstick and so Spring, I therefore may start using it more! The packaging is just adorable and it has a look of a lockable device to it, which means that the top won’t easily fall off in your hand bag. It is definitely the classiest looking lipstick I have.


I love e.l.f products, they know that, I know that but this……. no. It took me about 5/10 seconds to even open it up and wind it up to what you can see in the photo there for a start! The shade is lovely in the photo and in person, but when its applied to the lips it’s kinda like tinted vaseline. Classified as “posh” but I don’t think Victoria Beckham would go near this. Haha. Ssh woman!


If you read my blog often (thank you you weirdo) that you will know that this is one of my favourites, as I was going through my make up box I actually came around a second one of these haha, bit obsessed. It has a matte finish and feel to it but with an added shimmer which I love. The shade is more towards the pink side of lilac.


I think I went through a phase of loving red lipstick and this is the one that I chose in the end, to keep when I had a big clear out the other month. It’s classified as “rose passion” it is striking, creamy and very kissable. The packaging is very elegant and you definitely would not miss it in your handbag.


As I am a lover of the matte lipstick from MUA I am about to review, I have not used this particular shade a lot. I have tried to and I have found that it has not been as effective. The shade is very girly and pink so if you love that then you’re definitely in for a treat.


Here’s the matte shade that I love from MUA, the Scarlet Siren is just a must have for those who love the matte and the deep reds of lipsticks. It is a great colour, not too powerful but enough to think “yeah I am feeling and looking great today!” and as it was only £1 …. buy this instead of hmm…. a chocolate bar. Oh I now fancy a chocolate bar!


Wink Pink is always in my handbag, its a pinky purple shade which is perfect for those mornings in which you need to add a little colour to your face when you are feeling absolutely ridiculously tired. Its nice, cooling, a calming shade (yes calming) and a bonus is that it moisturises your lips 😉 mwah!


My ultimate fave. No other words. So kissable.


So I hope that you enjoyed my lipstick post, I like to swear and if you read this blog I write as I think and I think as I would chat….. that makes no fucking sense. Ha ha.

Enjoy, remember pucker up those lips and give the boys/girls kisses


Lips lips and more lips


All girls love some sort of product on their lips, whether it is lipstick, lip balm, butter or moisturising balm there is always something there to make our lips look more appealing and of course more kissable 😉

I know personally I have gone through so many shades, styles, brands and products in order to find the best one for me. I like to take good care of my lips and throughout this blog I won’t really be making any judgements of particular brands that I love it will be generalised apart from three that I need to tell you about:

82510_lip_exfoliator_XLThis product is just the biz (god I can’t believe I said that), its so cheap and its very effective, plus in a really weird way it smells and tastes nice – hey you don’t want something on your lips to not taste nice (I like bonjella, but that’s another story!) It is roughly about the £3 mark as most ELF products are and mine has lasted a long time. Applying is very easy, nice and smooth on and then you get the ex-foliating particles over your lips which in turn smooths out your lips. It has a cocoa taste to it, but it’s not overpowering and I would definitely recommend to get those extra luscious lips for kissing that boy/girl.

257251_lI still to this day do not know how I came across this product, maybe going up and down the aisles of Superdrug thinking god I need a new lipstick but I have about 3 of these (in this shade). It did scare me first of all as it is purple (the shade is actually called – “Beauty UK Lipstick Snob 3” – what a name haha). It does have a matte feel to it which I love but it also has a slight shimmer, really smooth to go onto your lips and it stays for some time. As well as this it has a nice taste to the shade, not that overpowering cheap lipstick taste which you can get with some of the drug store brands and with this being priced at £3.49 it is a bargain. Don’t be afraid to go for a colour which you think will not suit you!


My final must have is my ultimate favourite lipstick. You will find out through this post that I am not really a fan of shiny things, it took me a while to even get used to shiny nails because I love the matte look. Thank god for Kate Moss and Rimmel and thank you for the shade 107. It is a beaut of a shade, it’s not too dark, it’s not too in your face and it just oozes sexy and gives you so much confidence. You may see this shade if you ever watch the gorgeous Zoella, she uses it within the Winter time. I loved using this in the Autumn and Winter time and it just gave me the confidence especially in this time when your skin is all pale and flaky (not really nice) to show off, you are you, you are here and you are pretty no matter what people say. It is great for day time and especially night time with a gorgeous black dress.



Anyway, the whole point of this blog was to talk about the different types of lip products that we all use, I may miss some out so I really do apologise but I am jut thinking off the top of my head so (remember I am not looking at the brand just the idea):



Lipstains – I really do not find these effective at all, I find them really weak – they do not last long enough, the design looks amazing along with the colours which are often shown on the packaging but when they do go on your lips I find that they are just a disappointment. It could be the products that I have used and it could be the fact that I have chosen a wrong batch but I just find them to be a waste of money. Just like a felt tip pen if they decide to be stubbed or the bristles come about it’s just ridiculous. Some of them have the moisturiser at the bottom of them to add that extra shine (or to bring out the colour) but I am just not a fan.


Lip Booms – I believe only certain brands do this type of lip product but quite similar to the double ended lip stain, this two includes two parts to make your lips look luscious. One end is the lipstick, usually the shiny kind in all different colours and then if you feel the need to glam up your lips even more there is the option to make your lips shimmer in the light. Often with the product of the lip stick on your lips is just enough for me, but with the added lip gloss sometimes it is beneficial but most of the time it just makes it a sticky mess or your lips look too full (you do not need the trout pout). Otherwise of course use one or the other and you are good to go!


Texturised Lips (including Glitter) – I was at the Ideal Home Show last year in London and I cannot believe how many girls and women I saw going around the centre with the glitter lips, like it was complete full on glitter fest – it had looked like they had just shoved there lips into a glitter bucket with no other make up on their face and decided (LOOK AT ME BOYS MY LIPS ARE RIGHT HERE!!) The first few that I saw I thought hey okay, they look alright then after a while of seeing red, green, blue and silver lips I did think I may want to add some tinsel around their necks. Not a fan. When I was younger the idea of glitter lipstick in the tubes which you can see on the right I probably loved, they came with a Barbie for example and it didn’t matter what colour that you chose you wanted to look special. I feel that these types of products are definitely for those stand out girls, just like the hundred and thousand inspired lips/nails, I can’t even do the nails so I cannot imagine doing the lips (great for a selfie, but imagine walking about the high street with your lips just literally dropping everywhere OR flies attacking you!)



Lip Gloss: The lip gloss, every girls go to – the shine, the effectiveness, the different colours, prices, the wands and the added extras. Each girl I am sure has their ultimate favourite, some glide on smooth, some are so sticky and thick its just unattractive, some are so light to the touch it feels like you’re wearing vaseline or lip balm and others are great just to accentuate your lips. Many lip glosses change their design over the years, there have been the additions of the light up ones (brilliant for nights out), the added mirror, the different varieties of wands, then different smells. I for one have many lipglosses and I am definitely the type who buys loads and never wears them! I cannot unfortunately find a lip gloss that I love the colour of so any recommendations would be brilliant!

IMG_1013 (800x492)


Lip “crayon”: As you can tell I don’t know the actual name of this type of product but once you get the correct colour for you they are very effective. Different brands have a variety of depths and colours, unfortunately just like a packet of crisps haha the product is big in design but not a lot of the actual lip crayon. What do you think of them?


Lip Balms: I cannot tell you how many lip balms that I have had in my life, they are kinda like kirby grips in which they keep just going missing – do you have that as well? Anyway, lip balms come in all shapes and sizes with the new introduction of the fashionable Eos lip balms which are brilliant, small, beautiful and so cute to look at to the Smackers (flavoured as shown above – great from Primark by the way) or through to the simple lip balms such as Nivea and drugstore/supermarket own branded designs. They are amazing for the quick fix, the quick moisturising of the lips and of course if you see that person you like, add it to your lips whether slightly coloured or just wanting that extra shine they’re just brilliant.


Lip Fixers: Whether it is Carmex, Vaseline or Burts Bees that you use they are the best for those lips that need that extra care. Those lips which often get affected by the cold, dried out by the sun (you never know) or of course for the SPF in which you see above.


What lip products do you use the most? Which lip products do you dislike the most?

We have to look after our lips, many find them the most attractive part of our body, they are there for the gorgeous smile that you have, they are there for that first kiss, for all the kisses you have with a loved one and they are there for that beaut of a selfie you are thinking of doing. But for the love of god – STOP WITH THE POUT YOU ARE NOT A TROUT.