Primark instagirl intense liquid lipstick review

Hello you absolutely beautiful people, I hope that you are well.

As you know I love a lipstick, and I do love Primark cosmetics. You may or may not have read my previous Primark super matte liquid lipstick review if not, please go have a look, I really liked those and I was super happy and excited to see that they had a new range out.

I thought I’m going to HAVE to review it now! So here goes: Continue reading “Primark instagirl intense liquid lipstick review”

Make up favourites this year……so far

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Hello you lovely readers, I haven’t said hello in a while due to being rather busy, getting a new job, partying and just having a serious lack of sleep that I have had a few breakdowns at work oh and also not having a clue as to what to write about. But I thought how about my favourite make up this year so far!! As you may or may not know through reading previous blogs, I don’t buy high brand products. The most expensive product on my image above is in fact my mascara at around £7.00, that I have bought. ** There are other products on here that came with subscription boxes that may cost more.

Take a look at my favourites and of course, if they do interest you please pop into your local shop and/or order online!  Continue reading “Make up favourites this year……so far”

#blogger help – I need to update my blog.


I am wanting to change my blog around a bit and I am in need of your help. I love looking at other blogs and seeing how they are represented, the design, the colours, the content and I am always looking for ways to update and make things better.

If you could spare a few moments to chose some options, I would be so thankful !! 🙂


Argh New blogger HELP!! – advice, tips and hints for you

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First of all, I am in no way saying that you should follow what I say, do what I say or take everything I say to be right. I personally have been in and out of blogging for over a year, my original blog was on blogger and I just could not get used to the lay out, I then lost interest and I didnt know what direction to go in and that was my main issue.

I am slowly starting to become less anonymous with my blog, but my main intention of this blog was to write about how I felt, what I loved and what I could not say to others.

I came across WordPress and yes I have paid for some of this and I have definitely not looked back. Myself personally I do not blog every Thursday, sometimes of course I do not post every day but its always soooooooo good to let off steam!!!

I thought whilst looking on Twitter through #bloghour that many are wanting tips, yet again I am not providing you tips to do, I am just saying some information and what I have come across myself……… so let’s get on with it.


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A little introduction to this blog…..


Hello to you as the reader, unless you’re one of those weird spam robot things that some of these wonderful people deem to be marvellous to comment on people’s posts. How are you today, are you grand? 

I thought I would do a post just in case you are new to my blog, don’t really know what it’s about or having a quick look and thinking what the f*ck is this girl on about. Anyway, I am a 25 year old girl who lives in Britain and I use this blog to talk about anything on my mind. This may be make up reviews, tv, film, music reviews but it could also be about “fashion”, I have no fashion sense so it won’t be amazing!! As well as this, I talk like I said about whatever is on my mind – whether that be something that has happened during the day/week or something that has popped into my head.

My way of blogging is – I write as I speak. I don’t really care for punctuation unless I am really thinking about it, if I am writing a review it won’t be as detailed as other blogs, it will be as how I see it and honest as I can be. 

I LOVE communicating with my readers, so if you leave your links please do!!! I ALWAYS  try and get my followers to have a look at yours. I am on Tumblr and Twitter. 

I try to remain anonymous as I can, as I am moaning about work and you know where that ends up sometimes haha! I swear a bit on this blog. I have crap photography skills. But I am trying my best. 

My main aim is to make people happy and to make people realise that although we are all individual we all are connected. 

So please, have a look at my links to the right of my blog……… please comment, come and say hello on Twitter and of course follow!!!! 🙂

PS – you will often find me commenting about what I am talking about, kinda like having a conversation with myself – just role with it…… I do, it kinda helps me as I just talk nonsense anyway.