Things I want to do before I pop me cogs.

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Today in the UK and I am sure if you have heard through Social Networking, we lost a lovely beautiful man today. Stephen Sutton was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 15 and he didn’t get down at all. In his last few weeks he gained so much coverage of his story, with his original aim of raising £10,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust he has now raised nearly £3.5 million!! He gained 5A*’s and 4As and 3A*s with his A Levels and an A in self taught Psychology when Doctors told him, he should take a year out of University.

Unfortunately today Stephen passed away and it is heartbreaking. I have only known of this story for the past few months and I cant imagine those who he touched lives and heart with personally. He had a bucket list that he wanted to do and nearly fulfilled it all, it was just amazing. Here’s a video of him explaining everything:

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Everyday now for about 4 months I come in from work, of course have a relaxation time and then I get into the job hunting. I normally spend 2-3 hours sometimes maybe more than that hunting jobs. I seriously think now I am suffering from anxiety and stress because of not only the job I am in now but also looking for a job.

I have mentioned on here previously of job interviews I have gone for, employers who have approached me and vice versa. It’s not that literally there is nothing there, but its just so hard and its so demotivating.

I am looking on every site that I can think of, I am also looking at jobs that I am not THAT interested in but it will just give me something else to put my brain and mind towards. I am now looking for a job in which I am not timed to the second for how long I go to the toilet…… yes it’s that bad. Other things if you are a second late from your break etc, I can see all my friends on Facebook for example going to meetings in restaurants in their lunch breaks, having team days outs, their own work environment and it just looks like it is not work – it’s something that they enjoy!

I to this point have looked into of course marketing (As that is what my degree is in), but also educational, charity, administration, retail etc. I am just tempted at the moment to take back up a supermarket job as I did enjoy that but I wanted more out of life, which I thought I was getting.

I know I know that I cannot moan at all due to the fact I actually have a full time job (which is really great in the environment at the moment), but when you are being constantly judged by someone you don’t know over the phone, being yelled at (btw when we put you on hold, we can hear you!) not getting many thank yous, praise is only for the management – you literally just feel so shit.

My friend has just left my job and she said she can’t believe that she can come in any time of the day she wants, if she is 5 minutes late – SO WHAT?! this is the same company by the way just a different department. She doesn’t have to think how long she is going to the toilet for lol little things like that, but it does really make you think.

I know again that I should feel very positive in that I do have a job, I have money coming in etc. Mentally I am drained, I am getting unwell and I just don’t want it anymore.

I am looking for jobs, I want a full time job (not part time, not flexi time, not maternity and not a sales job meeting targets so the business does not have to pay you the full amount you should be getting) A simple job, good wage (£16,000+ is all good) and a relaxed atmosphere.

Is it that hard? Just come to the end of my tether now. I haven given myself a headache haha oh dear!


Day went from OKAY to awful in 5 minutes.

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Not only did I have to compete with my day to day job of all the hassle and negativity from the wonderful general public, I was awaiting for the clock to tick to 4pm so I could go home. I had received a voicemail from a job company wishing to speak to me about a “great job” which they had found for me and I couldn’t wait to call through to them at 4pm.

As I was walking down to my car, I saw this flash of yellow on the windscreen………… a f**king parking ticket. Great. My first ever parking ticket, felt absolutely awful but also giggled inside I thought only me! I had bought a weekly ticket but it ran out a few hours earlier and the bloody eager beaver of a parking attendant (ie jobsworth) was there waiting for me to go into the office, according to the time he ticketed me.

So, I sat down opened up the parking ticket and saw it was a £45 charge – you have got to be kidding me!! OF course I will pay but that’s just bloody ridiculous the amount of people that do not park in that carpark but because I  was there before 8 when early bird jobsworth comes around he ticketed me.

Anyway so I thought hey ho, life lesson let’s ring this lady and find out about this job to get me out of here. Rang through and she had no idea who I was and couldn’t remember why she called me (GREAT START!). She asked the usual questions “why are you looking for a job etc” I said I am trying to get out of the Customer Service Role as I want to take up Marketing and I am trying really hard to get a job in that role, which it states all throughout my CV!!!

Her reply “oh, well I have a customer service job role here” …………… FFS. *not only am I now getting annoyed with her but now I am getting annoyed more with the parking ticket*

She then asked as to when I got my degree (does she seriously not look at my CV, it clearly states there!!) I said 2010. Her next reply literally I cried all the way home about this:

“2010, that’s quite a while away isn’t it, if you haven’t had much luck with a marketing job now I doubt that you would be able to get a job in Marketing and your degree doesn’t really mean much”

I was gobsmacked. I therefore replied – “well I don’t want a customer service role, I want a marketing role it says so on my CV, how can I get a job if people are not reading my CV correctly” She then replied that she would “update my details for marketing jobs”.

Drove home crying, feeling absolutely worthless all that time and money. I am stuck in a job I hate, I can’t seem to find a way out and I am no way happy.

Today (21.02.2014) I received ANOTHER voicemail from this lady, stating ” I have found you an amazing job” I rang her back up, and she said “so when did you last apply for a job, why are you looking for a new job in customer service”. THIS IS THE SAME EXACT LADY I SPOKE TO YESTERDAY………. 

My reply “I spoke to you yesterday and I clearly said I do not want customer service roles, you said that you would put my name down for Marketing jobs.” This woman is absolutely incompetent of her job, not only does she have appalling customer service, she is forgetful, rude and disheartening.  Her reply was “Oh I am sorry, I will state that you want only marketing jobs” I again said “you said that yesterday” and put the phone down.

I seriously couldn’t care if I came across as rude. What would you do?


What’s the point in my degree :(

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I am in need of a job in which I like or even love. I have had two jobs in my life and I like them after the first few months (well to be honest my first I had for 7 years – in a supermarket), but I have just had enough of being in a job where I am not getting any satisfaction out of it.

I have a degree in marketing – specialising in the Entertainment industry, I would love to work in the media industry and of course marketing but it would just mean the world to me! I wouldnt even mind if blogging was my life and I got paid for that, but that’s unlikely to happen!! 

My job at the moment consists of me being the first point of call for the general public to ring to the council and pretty much 70% of the time have a go at me. I am fed up at the end of the day feeling like shit, I know it’s not me personally and I always go above and beyond trying to help them but I just feel like it’s not worth it. The managers just want their bonuses it seem by trying to get the customer to do things and I just feel so stressed all the time.

I have had a week off and I have that serious dreading Monday morning.

My ideal job would be working in the media, particularly on the social networking side of the business – possibly writing blogs, tweeting and communicating with the customers. Designing and being creative!! God I love being creative. My desk at work is so bright and creative, people think that I should be a teacher haha! I would love it to be somewhere local in Kent I could go into London, but the train tickets are so expensive.

When I am looking at job adverts, they all want people who have had “experience” or a “2:1” degree. I have no experience because I cannot get any and I have a 2:2. The reason I have a 2:2 is because I fell very unwell in my final year of studies, all my classmates thought I would get a 2:1 or +. Academically skilled I am not and yes that’s me being honest, well you read my blog you know I don’t proof read. But doing things, making things and seeing things happen I absolutely love. Hey my tutor had to change the way I produced my dissertation (which was an outline for everyone) because I was that different.

Employers just look at your CV now and its so upsetting, because I freeze up in interviews. I am no way lying on my CV to make me look bigger, I can’t bloody lie as I laugh haha.

I am just so frustrated right now, because I feel like I am worth more than some call centre operative. I have so many good grades from school, I have a degree, I have determination and passion, but I just can’t get anywhere with it.

My parents are getting the same, my poor Mum if she does send me one more job notification I may go nuts lol… it’s like yes Mum I get that in emails, I check job websites for up to 2 hours everyday and more. No mum that job isn’t relevant I have absolutely no idea what they are on about in that job description, no mum I cannot be the manager. I do love her though and her determination, I know she wants me to do well.

AAAAAH, does anyone else feel like this?


One of my dream jobs.

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It may not sound amazing to you, but a dream job came to me the other day and I had an interview for it as well. I thought oh my god they have actually chosen me, the amount of applications I do and it gets nowhere (and they are for jobs, I just thought I would apply for!!), but this job is something I really wanted.

I have always wanted to work in a school, either as a teacher, teacher assistant, admin etc and this job was combining my degree of marketing and working in a school. I was like YES, I am going to prepare myself so much for this, loads of research and everything I need to do to get the job.

My brother had previously gone to the schools and I thought yes okay I will use that to my advantage.

I had to do a 5 minute presentation describing what was said to me in the email:

Please review the Trust’s website ………….and make suggestions and recommendations.

You will be asked to feedback your evaluation and recommendations in a short presentation at the interview. Your presentation must be no longer than five minutes and should also consider a practical timeframe for suggested improvements to go live.”

In which is what I exactly did, I did loads of recommendations which I thought were great, I went through each step and the time frames and what this could do to improve the school’s communication.

The next stage was a questionnaire from the three people who were there and I answered them absolutely fine, I thought.

I was then taken on a tour of the school and built a rapport with the person who I would be working with and we had a few giggles and jokes.

And finally I was given a task to write a “press release” (never done one in my life!) and to sort and order how important some tasks were.

I came out of there feeling amazing, I felt like I had the job – I felt that the one area which let me down was the press release.

The next day I was refreshing my email again and again and again, I had in my head what my first day would be like and everything – never felt that confident about anything before.

I then looked at my phone…….. voicemail…….. *butterflies*……….. I didnt get the job

I was actually heartbroken, I really wanted that job. So I rang them back for feed back, they said everything was great apart from my presentation in which I did not mention as to why marketing would be good…. Did they not listen to a word I said 😦 It also never stated I had to emphasise on that area, I felt on the day that I rushed it only because they said I had 5 minutes. If they said I had more time, I would have gone into so much more depth.

Not been so gutted in a long time. But onwards and upwards, although not feeling it at the moment. I don’t want to work in a call centre all my life, I hate it.