Nail Varnish Organising Day


Hey up!

I saw another lovely blogger do this months ago and it has taken me I think about 2-3 months to finally sit down and do it. Throughout this I realised that I am addicted to buying nailvarnishes – there I said it. It’s now out in the open. I own 105 nail polishes…. 105, arse – something scary to think about right now…. £105 x 5 (roughly the price, apart from loads from Poundland – PHEW) = £525……. it makes me happy, it makes me happy, it makes me happy. 

I thought I would show you as to what I have been up to 🙂

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Pink, Pink and more Pink – NYX Haul PLUS something else…..


If you read my previous blog >>> look here <<< you would have seen that I went to Chatham Outlet Centre and went shopping. Within the centre there is a discount store full of make up and to be honest with you, it is the ONLY shop I go into when I am there, otherwise there is no point in the place I feel.

Anyway enough rambling on, I thought I would show you as to what I had bought 🙂 this post is very pink. 



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MUA Haul 28-04-2014

large (4)

Do you know what makes me happy………. MAKE UP THAT COMES IN THE POST!!!! yep it’s that time again where I have been on a make up haul and this time it is the lovely MUA. Last time I had a haul from them I had a disappointing discovery that my BB cream had split in the packaging, so I was very worried about what I may discover this time. But I was pleasantly pleased 🙂 yay! go them. Let’s see what I bought 🙂


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Look of the day 06.04

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Hi all, so for the first time since being off with my bad back I decided to go to Bluewater – if you don’t know what it is, its a huge shopping complex in the southern part of England…. below London if you’re really not that great with Geography. I thought I would treat myself, this blog is going to be in 3 posts, yes THREE POSTS. 1, because this one will be my outfit of the day, 2, what I bought and 3, I have snazzed my nails up and I kinda want to show you how I did it. I love the photos above, because either one of those will be your face as you see my OOTD, either a WTF was she thinking or oooh glam but different. Haha! So here we go! (eek), ps there is a lot of the word “arse” in this post I have noticed:


PicMonkey Collagenn

Here is my eye make up, its such a shame that you cannot see what I have done, but I have used the W7 nude pallet on my eyes with an eye primer from  ELF. The mascara is of course Maybelline Collosal, the eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner from Sleek which looks like this:


It is so lovely and easy to put on, lasts for ages and its a great size as well! No eyeliner today as I thought I would make it a bit more “natural looking.


As standard the Kate Moss Matte 107 lipstick, this photo I extremely apologise for, I had not reapplied it after a drink hence why it’s faded. But HEY! on a positive note you can see what its like after a drink…….. and some McDonalds Mozerella Sticks YUM!! I have reviewed lipsticks in the past if you are interested click here >>>>> Squishyboobs


Now here my are boobs, hmm haha, I love this necklace its from Primark and has a peachy stone to it. Weirdly I was in Forever 21 in the accesorise section of course (because that shop does not think of anyone size 18 or probably size 16 plus- and is in either small/medium or large (im saving that for another blog )) anyway, that necklace was in an lighter emerald colour and was delicious, was tempted but I thought hmm nah.

The top is from Primark, I was basically a walking Primark today apart from leggings (NEW LOOK – NEVER BUY LEGGINGS FROM PRIMARK unless you don’t give a shit if people can see your arse/thong/frenchies or bridget jones pants!). It’s such a cute little top and the design is gorgeous, it cost me £5 and I have 2 in white, 1 in navy blue, 1 in dark purple and I am tempted to get it in black too. Mum says she hates ironing them, but hey…. lol.


My cardigan, I believe was from Primark it’s so old now but I just love it. Its really thin and a peachy colour, if you look closely there are little beads – these used to be gold but because of wearing it too much and washing they have no colour but I still love the affect!! The arms are rather wide, like a winged look and its just adorable. I love it, kinda like a really light jacket – I do not suit jackets at all!


Here’s me yay (!) So you can see the sleeve its nice and winged, comes all the way down past the hips and so does the top. I have a rule, if I ever wear leggings the top must always be half way down my thighs. I do not want my arse on show, I do not want to see arses on show – I saw on today bending over the counter at  KFC. Let’s just say that thong was being eaten by her arse!

PicMonkey Collagex

Wayhey Primark again! I always seem to go for brown handbags, I have no idea why but I just find them a bit more classier than the black bags. The clasp is annoying me slightly on this one as if the bag is full it doesn’t connect properly, lovely safety issue there Primark well done. Inside my bag, I have kinda taken most of it away – purse 🙂 chewing gum 🙂 coke bottle lol which as you can see has gone. Interesting I know (!)


My nails of the day (which have since changed – see another blog!, but not now I haven’t written it yet!) These colours are from the nail varnishes that I got from the ELF collection the other day. Love the pink colour, I tried the white on the “wedding” finger, but I just didnt think it went so therefore added a lovely purple glitter shade. If you wish to see that blog click here >>>>>>>> GUM DROPS!!  and other nail attempts are here …. Iamnoartist!


There’s my outfit of the day, my back was aching by the end of it – but unfortunately I have to go back to work tomorrow. I am absolutely dreading it, really dreading it. Found out 5 people are leaving, calls are getting worse and I am just ……… I hate it, but on the up side I have applied for 5 new jobs – FINGERS CROSSED!!!!


Haul from E.L.F make up!!









I got a massive package today (oi oi not in that sense unfortunately) but a lovely package from E.l.f in which I bought a large variety of makeup, they are/were depending when you’re reading this 40% off and also a free spring collection. I therefore thought I would go through what has been delivered to moi 🙂


PicMonkey Collagea

Here is my lovely box, it was rather large and here you can see what I got…. it was full of goodies and the purple bit was my surprise of the summer collection.

PicMonkey Collagekj

The first product I HAD to look at was the beautiful nail varnishes at £15 look how many you get and the gorgeous colours, I cannot wait to try them! By the way its really dusty its not my phone, they stupidly package the box with this weird cardboard cross cut out which is ridiculous.

PicMonkey Collagecv

I already have the purple/red beauty book and I love it, I spoke about it in a previous job but these are beautiful colours and again I cant wait to use them especially for day to day use – it of course comes with a “how to guide” on the flip side.

PicMonkey CollagedsThis is one of my “free” products, I am not too sure at the moment about this one as I have never used a product like it. It is a lip defining product and shapes as well, it is in a rose tiny so we shall see as I am not used to the paler colours.


Every day essential.


A tinted moisturiser, my skin at the moment is bad…… I mean bad…… so I am hoping with a bit of moisture in my product it will help the skin along too!


Another free product, never thought of putting silver/grey primer eyeshadow together, but when applied to the skin it comes across as a more pearl and a white shimmer.


You know what I thought I am gonna try a glossy lip gloss and it is a lovely tint, smells nice and not too gloopy.

20140402_152314Look at these lovely shades!!!!!!! I will look into these further in a future post.

20140402_152242Another free product!!! This is really light to the touch, its so weird to touch though a kinda cream and powder combined but its nice to apply – not too pigmented.


Hmm I thought I would give a HD Blush a go, I have got the wrong shade………. haha its so bright for me, so I am going to have to work around it – there are always ways.



20140402_152156Quick post 🙂 Have a good day xo