Oi Mr Retailer, us girls are different sizes you know!

large (3)Now, first things first…. I am tired, I am hungry and I am tired and a tincy wincy bit miffed. I am a size 18 girl, I have gone in the past from a size 14 (I cant remember before then, I may have been a size 12 when I was younger) to a size 20. I have gone through all the different ways in which clothing is made, what feels good on me and what really doesnt. I am currently looking for a lovely show off Christmas party dress that I can wear. I wear dresses pretty much 5 days a week without a fail, I used to be one of those girls who hated them. But it could be me, as I have gotten older or “larger” (let’s be blunt now), I have wanted that extra comfort. So instead of the tshirts that finish at the waist, I bought the ones that went past my bum. I started to not wear jeans anymore, because they were slightly a bit too tight and uncomfortable, I therefore went for loose trousers/tights/leggings. As they came out, I thought I’ll try a dress and hey presto I loved it.

I know I know I know, that everyone is different sizes, that everyone is a different shape, not every girl wants to dress the same and finally that every shop has different dress sizes…….. by the way the most ridiculous rule ever. You wouldn’t have different sizes of shoes now to suit your customers would you!!

To be fair, when. I was a size 14 I felt amazing…. I would get looks from the lovely opposite sex (haha a treat nowadays!), I felt amazing in tighter clothes and the designs were a bit more brash because I wanted to show off my figure. But then chocolate came along…. uhoh. No seriously I did get rather ill and I am a comfort eater, but my weight does fluctuate.

So currently at the moment, we have this lovely song in the charts:

*go on have a little wiggle wiggle and a sing – click on here*


And in my eyes its not about celebrating being a bigger girl, its about celebrating being a woman… but thats another story. I am fed up of finding the perfect clothes in shops and you automatically go to the back of the rail, in the depths of the darkness to find your size… OR NOT!! Most of the time its sizes 6-14, sometimes even a bloody 2. Who’s a 2, I would like to meet you, maybe we could exchange some…. body fat? lol! no no wrong wrong.

I know that this post can go the complete and opposite way, of course I do. With the beautiful smaller girls saying that “men love their curves” and “men don’t love bones” … hate that phrase yuck! Men / Girls love all shapes and sizes… otherwise this world would be bloody boring. I am sure that a lot of issues for the “smaller” girls are the same too, not finding the right clothing, the shaping, the length.. I dont know. I cant vouch for your thoughts, as I have never been there – therefore I definitely don’t want to make presumptions. But I know that no girl should be made to feel that they are the better or worse weight/size

But what really gets me, is what used to be my favourite ever shop in the world. I would forever be buying my clothes from here, and im guessing if this was seen then they may not want me back.. 😦 oh well.

New Look. 

There you go I said it. I am now a Primark, Dorothy Perkins and Select Girl. These three stores not only do they cater for the larger girls ALL AROUND THE STORE and not just in the most tiniest little area secluded off from the rest of the store, but they also stock all of their clothing from sizes 6-20+, where every size can wear the same clothing…

Seriously New Look how hard is that to do? I am forever going through the rails of their stores, then finding out that they stop at 16. So yet again, having to embarrass myself (as the shop keep moving the section and making it smaller each time I go in there) – ‘Where is the Inspired Range?’. In which one time, an employer said ‘Oh its that tiny little section at the back, there’s not much there’……………. FML.

So therefore the only other option is to go online.

I would like to just show you a comparison as to the different designs / looks / shapes and the way it is design on their website, between the Inspire range and the Standard:



I understand that some lovely ladies out there would want to show off their bodies, I understand that some girls want to hide their lumps and bumps, but to put pretty much every design (and yes this is just a snapshot!!) in a tunic dress or a skater dress is just a bit ridiculous. When they are pinched in at the waist, it of course is going to float out around the waist therefore making you look bigger. The colours especially on the top layer are so in your fact, compared to the left hand side of the dresses. 

Dear Mr Retailer, maybe we want to

– not hide our arms

– put a panel around our waist, we want to show that off!

– not wear darker shades of clothes

– pay an extra fiver for the extra size…….. not.

– try different fabrics

– show a bit of cleavage (noticed that its all high necks now)

I don’t know maybe its just me.

Of course they’re not the only store that does it, but its the one that keeps popping out at me. Oh and finally, if you are going to use models to show off your dresses – chose someone actually realistic. Someone with a double chin, someone with big boobs and with a bit of a belly. Not someone who is a Plus Size Model – aka 14 in the modelling books.

I think i’ll go to sleep now. All I will say is, where whatever you want to wear, it’s your body, do as you wish, wear what you wish, if you feel comfortable go for it, what does it matter that someone stares… you never know what they may be thinking. Plus its 10 seconds of their life of thinking a potentially mean comment, but if you are feeling fabulous and sexy, whats 10 seconds in your life.


Remember to treat yourself.

large (7)

Every now and again I really believe that you should treat yourself, unfortunately for me the shops are right next to my work and I have to walk past them to get home, my poor purse. Today I thought I would buy something completely different, I never wear any jewellery and I really loved the necklace that I bought a few days ago (I did blog about), unfortunately as I sat down on the bus it decided to end up in my lap……… thanks Primark.

So therefore I decided to go back again to Primark and buy more (I wonder how long it’ll take for these to break). I thought I would show you what I have bought. I love the colours and designs and they’re all £3, talk about a bargain!! PS I heard Primark is going to America haha welcome to our world.

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Look of the day 06.04

large (11)large (47)

Hi all, so for the first time since being off with my bad back I decided to go to Bluewater – if you don’t know what it is, its a huge shopping complex in the southern part of England…. below London if you’re really not that great with Geography. I thought I would treat myself, this blog is going to be in 3 posts, yes THREE POSTS. 1, because this one will be my outfit of the day, 2, what I bought and 3, I have snazzed my nails up and I kinda want to show you how I did it. I love the photos above, because either one of those will be your face as you see my OOTD, either a WTF was she thinking or oooh glam but different. Haha! So here we go! (eek), ps there is a lot of the word “arse” in this post I have noticed:


PicMonkey Collagenn

Here is my eye make up, its such a shame that you cannot see what I have done, but I have used the W7 nude pallet on my eyes with an eye primer from  ELF. The mascara is of course Maybelline Collosal, the eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner from Sleek which looks like this:


It is so lovely and easy to put on, lasts for ages and its a great size as well! No eyeliner today as I thought I would make it a bit more “natural looking.


As standard the Kate Moss Matte 107 lipstick, this photo I extremely apologise for, I had not reapplied it after a drink hence why it’s faded. But HEY! on a positive note you can see what its like after a drink…….. and some McDonalds Mozerella Sticks YUM!! I have reviewed lipsticks in the past if you are interested click here >>>>> Squishyboobs


Now here my are boobs, hmm haha, I love this necklace its from Primark and has a peachy stone to it. Weirdly I was in Forever 21 in the accesorise section of course (because that shop does not think of anyone size 18 or probably size 16 plus- and is in either small/medium or large (im saving that for another blog )) anyway, that necklace was in an lighter emerald colour and was delicious, was tempted but I thought hmm nah.

The top is from Primark, I was basically a walking Primark today apart from leggings (NEW LOOK – NEVER BUY LEGGINGS FROM PRIMARK unless you don’t give a shit if people can see your arse/thong/frenchies or bridget jones pants!). It’s such a cute little top and the design is gorgeous, it cost me £5 and I have 2 in white, 1 in navy blue, 1 in dark purple and I am tempted to get it in black too. Mum says she hates ironing them, but hey…. lol.


My cardigan, I believe was from Primark it’s so old now but I just love it. Its really thin and a peachy colour, if you look closely there are little beads – these used to be gold but because of wearing it too much and washing they have no colour but I still love the affect!! The arms are rather wide, like a winged look and its just adorable. I love it, kinda like a really light jacket – I do not suit jackets at all!


Here’s me yay (!) So you can see the sleeve its nice and winged, comes all the way down past the hips and so does the top. I have a rule, if I ever wear leggings the top must always be half way down my thighs. I do not want my arse on show, I do not want to see arses on show – I saw on today bending over the counter at  KFC. Let’s just say that thong was being eaten by her arse!

PicMonkey Collagex

Wayhey Primark again! I always seem to go for brown handbags, I have no idea why but I just find them a bit more classier than the black bags. The clasp is annoying me slightly on this one as if the bag is full it doesn’t connect properly, lovely safety issue there Primark well done. Inside my bag, I have kinda taken most of it away – purse 🙂 chewing gum 🙂 coke bottle lol which as you can see has gone. Interesting I know (!)


My nails of the day (which have since changed – see another blog!, but not now I haven’t written it yet!) These colours are from the nail varnishes that I got from the ELF collection the other day. Love the pink colour, I tried the white on the “wedding” finger, but I just didnt think it went so therefore added a lovely purple glitter shade. If you wish to see that blog click here >>>>>>>> GUM DROPS!!  and other nail attempts are here …. Iamnoartist!


There’s my outfit of the day, my back was aching by the end of it – but unfortunately I have to go back to work tomorrow. I am absolutely dreading it, really dreading it. Found out 5 people are leaving, calls are getting worse and I am just ……… I hate it, but on the up side I have applied for 5 new jobs – FINGERS CROSSED!!!!