I love nights out but last night…..

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So I said on Twitter last night that I would blog about tonight, well here we go:

You know you have those nights out with all your friends, you are used to their dancing moves, their drunkeness, how much they drink, what they say and how to deal with them. Well, I went on a night out with other girls and it was very strange!

It started off with a night in Frankie & Benny’s and it was nice meal etc, but the girls especially one who was the youngest of the night was just shocking. She not only was really rude to the waitress (who she also said she was a waitress in the past, so she should show compassion), very blunt, rude about the service, didn’t want to tip the waitress. The waitress by the way did nothing wrong, it was a Friday night in one of the busiest restaurants in town and course there will be a slight delay. But as I said to her and the girls, we are out all night – have patience and just enjoy the night. There was also another girl out with us and the others were ignoring her all night, they apparently only invited her because they felt sorry for her – that’s really not respect for the girl at all (in the taxi when it was just me and her, she said she felt that she was not wanted, I felt awful for her).

I am a person who will judge people personally, I will not judge someone because another person tells me to. I may like the person you hate and I may dislike the person you love. We are all individuals. 

So we left the dinner and decided to go clubbing – I suggested to go to this place which is £10 you get 5 free drinks and there will be a number of people there, but they decided to go to another place £6 for 3 free drinks – we got there and there was 2 people there………….. 2 people. It was 10pm, so we knew we were early. 30 minutes passed and we had all got rid of our drinks. I was getting more and more bored, I was trying to make myself happy and was enjoying the night with the girls. Who was I to judge how the night was going to be!

MORE PEOPLE ARRIVED YAY!!!! A group of gay men lets say and their girl (friends), the one girl that was annoying me all night just turned around to us all and I was so shocked:

“oh god I hope that’s not my brother, he’s gay and I just don’t want to see or even talk to him brings so much shame”

I have never heard anything of the sort,   I have had this conversation with her in the past and she said she does not mind gays in society but not in her family! Maybe it is just me but if my brother turned around to me and said “I am gay”, my reaction would be “great, if you find someone I really dont mind – if they make you happy that is all I care about, gender or age”. So I tried to put that behind me, but the night just went downhill from then, we were dancing the night away and I was on the water – I had told the barman if they could put ice in it to make it look like im having alcohol, as the girls kept pressuring me to have a drink. Now I love a drink, but when you feel uncomfortable it’s just not that great. I was thinking back to all the nights out with my close friends and friends in the past and even uni and it just did not compare to even the worst of those nights. There was still 20 people in the club, it was slowly declining, finally at 1am I was like I have had enough without making it look like I was annoyed and went home.

It was only in the taxi afterwards where I thought to myself, those girls were so judgemental. They were judging other girls clothes, skin, hair, dancing, race, size and sexuality – all I thought was thank god I am not you and I am me.  Girls should stick together!

Apparently they had the best night out in ages according to Facebook, I just went home got my pjs on and watched “hotel inspector” hahaha. Not doing that again in ages.


Shoes – Girl Issues

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I am not a girl who loves shoes, I will put it out there right now. I would rather go around in bare feet or socks all the time. I cannot count the amount of times when I get off the bus (when the ground is dry) and I pass a certain corner and I take my shoes off to walk home. I do have a number of shoes but if I like them I will always buy them cheap and I will buy 2 or 3 pairs. I have 3 pairs of high heeled shoes, 2 are boots like the ones on the top right and the others are strapped high heel about 1 inch and a half. I have had these heels for 5/6 years, they are battered and that reminds me I need to do the heel again, but why would I buy some new shoes and give myself so much pain.

Pain that girls go through on a night out is hell. I go through certain stages and maybe you agree with me:

1. God these shoes look amazing I need to buy them

2. They will go great with that outfit and I cant wait to wear them

3. Wow look at my legs in these heels looking so long!

4. Okay lets get this party started the girls are loving my new shoes

5. I get up and im walking like Bambi, I did not realise how tall I am in these shoes – ooooh I love the sound of the clippy cloppy.

6. Get to the club and start walking and dancing around a bit, feeling very confident in myself and just loving life.

7. More drinks are in and I can feel my toes tightening up, the balls of my feet are starting to get uncomfortable and my god my heels.

8. Okay my legs are now getting sore, the pain from my feet are going up my leg and im starting to tip toe around as I don’t want to apply any pressure. MORE DRINK to relieve the pain!!!!

9. I have now got to  the stage where I physically do not want to move anymore and I stand dance.

10. SHOES ARE OFF!!! SHOES ARE OFF!!! now having to balance being pissed, holding my drink, clutch bag under my shoulder and now the shoes. I don’t want to put them on the floor as its dirty.

11. Walking back to the taxi rank with no shoes, looking very shameful and walking like a penguin who’s been walking on hot coals, finally sitting in the taxi trying not to touch my feet.

12. The next morning – FUUUUUUUUUUCK I cannot walk.

Why do girls go through this pain!! Why can’t it be acceptable to wear flats on a night out, god it would be amazing.