NYX Mosaic Powder Review

IMG_20150103_160216I am not one to moan about make up products, but I HAD to say something about this particular product. I am a HUGE fan of concealers, highlights etc. You know all those shading make up’s ie – the greens/yellows/purples etc. I thought to myself my favourite brand of this is quite expensive, so I wanted to try something cheaper and I saw this and I thought hey presto!

It has lovely colours to the product…………. it’s great in size………………. it’s great in price.


It absolutely stinks. I mean it seriously stinks with smell. To the point I am putting it on my face and its making me feel so claustrophobic. You know if you get a lot of dust up your nose, thats what its like.

It doesn’t really go on the face as well as creams and to be honest, I didnt want to apply it too much because I felt like it was clogging up my throat haha!

I thought I would try it again a few weeks later, totally forgetting about the smell and bang…..had to take it off and wash my brushes.

Anyone else had this issue?



Pink, Pink and more Pink – NYX Haul PLUS something else…..


If you read my previous blog >>> look here <<< you would have seen that I went to Chatham Outlet Centre and went shopping. Within the centre there is a discount store full of make up and to be honest with you, it is the ONLY shop I go into when I am there, otherwise there is no point in the place I feel.

Anyway enough rambling on, I thought I would show you as to what I had bought 🙂 this post is very pink. 



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Blink Blink – Eye shadow Pallet Reviews

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Hello!!! Wow it seems that I had a mini break of blogging which is kinda what did happen. As you know I don’t blog on a Thursday but I was still tweeting away – twitter.com/loveyouandthem if you aren’t following by the way (I always follow back) anyway, I was pondering back and forth (oh how very British of me!) to think as to what I should post about next, I have now a few ideas – thank you for all the suggestions. I therefore have decided to post about the eye shadow make up pallets that I have in my bedroom. If you are a follower of my blog you know that I witter away and just write whatever I think, I don’t plan and I don’t think before I write.



My first review is the of NYX The All I’ve Ever Wanted Box, it contains what is shown above, the price was quite cheap at the time around about a £10 and I think it was absolutely worthwhile as I am about to show you:


20140413_164544As you can see it comes in a wide range of bright colours which I absolutely love, then of course the nice day and natural colours which you need for everyday useage. It has a small mirror at the top of the compact/pallet which is handy but I prefer to use my own, as I am quite clumsy. This particular section draws back to reveal the lower level:


This is what is shown, a lower level of blushers, bronzers, highlighters and lip glosses along with application tools. Beautiful colours again as you can see and they suit all skin shades.

Bronzers / Highlighters 


How beautiful are these colours, they really help highlight and make your skin more alive! They come in all different shades and colours alongside contrasting each other at the same time.

20140413_164935Personally I have not used these two a lot, but they give a lovely shading to your skin when applied – not too dusty/mineral and when you completely understand contouring (which I still don’t) I am sure it would be amazing.

20140413_164941The lipglosses, now when you get a batch of cheap looking lipglosses and let’s be honest they do look cheap you do think – great they’re gonna be amazing. It’s never nice to see lipglosses put next to powered make up such as the ones shown above, I have done some swatches so you can see how “strong” they actually are:


Overall I do like this compact and it is great for like I said any time of day – I do keep forgetting I have it which now I have reviewed it I will be using again.



The next is ELF natural eyeshadow, which can be found here  — shimmer my eyes wink wink — it’s currently on ale for £6.95 and usually £9.00. So please have a look 🙂

20140413_170136These are the shades it comes in, I admit that the shades are so so so similar to each one of them and that’s probably the only fault with this pallet. If you buy the correct applicator as the tools that come with this do not often pick up the shade to apply to your beautiful eyes. Great for the natural work days and if you just want to highlight your lovely eyes too!

20140413_170434Whilst I was buying the above, I thought sod it and I bought the colour brights pallet too which I love. The colours are what is says on the tin – bright! Again like I said this is currently on offer at the moment so go have a look! :


Here are the beautiful shades, there are still some of the natural shades which were in the above pallet but the pinks and blues are amazing along with the green for those spring/summer nights! There is the cheap applicator that comes with it – buy another one I promise you it’s worth it, it’s very cheap.



I believe that I got this for a Christmas present from my Aunt and I apologise about the beaut that is my phone lol but there was no other way to take this photo. Whenever someone buys you make up you are always a bit wary to open it up, but I was surprised – I loved it.

20140413_170730The shaes of blue are beautiful in this – as well as the highlighting white. I am unsure of the price as I said it was a present. The shades range from white, silver, silvery blue and grey. Beautiful for a night out and especially those which eyes contrast this colour. it comes with as you can see a mirror and applicator which again I chucked out as they’re really not great at all.


20140413_170912I picked this up in NEXT and I just love these shades. I like to wear these shades particularly for work as I feel that I cannot wear the make up that I actually want to wear at work so this will have to do. I think it was roughly below £5.

20140413_170926Here are the shades in more detail, I think that they are just beautiful colours and are so easy to apply. They are a mineral product but they have a slight cream texture to them.


20140413_171039My weakest pallet I believe that I ever had bought and look where its from as well. Ignore the face!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway I thought you know what I will try something different and I have but to be honest it’s not really my thing:

20140413_171256It of course comes with a lovely compact mirror but the shades are just not me. The photo does not show clearly enough but these are full of glitter and it’s too glittery for me and the shadows are as well quite loose. Not for me.

20140413_171516Finally as you can see my most used possession of make up, I love this product and it gives amazing coverage, the colours are beautiful and its great for shading, highlighting and of course bringing out the colours of your eyes – plus it was cheap too!


Haha I have tried to tidy this up as much as I could for the photo but alas I could not (god again with my Britishness, what is with that tonight!).

So there you have it, another long post – I apologise (sorry not sorry) and there are all my eyeshadow pallets. I hope that you enjoyed this………. 🙂