NYX Mosaic Powder Review

IMG_20150103_160216I am not one to moan about make up products, but I HAD to say something about this particular product. I am a HUGE fan of concealers, highlights etc. You know all those shading make up’s ie – the greens/yellows/purples etc. I thought to myself my favourite brand of this is quite expensive, so I wanted to try something cheaper and I saw this and I thought hey presto!

It has lovely colours to the product…………. it’s great in size………………. it’s great in price.


It absolutely stinks. I mean it seriously stinks with smell. To the point I am putting it on my face and its making me feel so claustrophobic. You know if you get a lot of dust up your nose, thats what its like.

It doesn’t really go on the face as well as creams and to be honest, I didnt want to apply it too much because I felt like it was clogging up my throat haha!

I thought I would try it again a few weeks later, totally forgetting about the smell and bang…..had to take it off and wash my brushes.

Anyone else had this issue?