What’s in my bag?..


So here is my bag, my beautiful bag in which I got from a local market!! YES a local market and I love it. It has big straps which is great for my damaged shoulder as I can’t now carry around girly bags which really upsets me as I am a bag lady, not a shoe lady a bag lady. To be honest, if I could walk around in bare feet all day I would. Let’s see what is inside it shall we:

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You have to treat yourself now and again….

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So this weekend as I am on my own due to the parents being on holiday, I thought hey I am going to treat myself. Of course most of my blogs are about treating other people (friends, family and strangers) but sometimes you really do have to treat yourself – and that I did. I ended up going to Dunelm Mill which if you have never checked it out before then please do – click here! I have been looking for a chest of drawers for a long time as I am often having my make up boxes all over the place and when I saw this I thought PERFECT (okay I felt bad for spending £36 on it! *ashamed not ashamed*). I then thought hey I wonder what the readers of my blog may think of looking inside my drawers *dont be cheeky!*, so here it goes – ps if you’re not interested, thanks for joining and I’ll see in another post:

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A girl must always have perfume, whether it is for different seasons, occasions, people or just her mood there must always be a selection I believe and I myself have had quite a few so here are my top choices:


Paco Rabanne – Lady Million

First things first, yes it is a bloody expensive perfume but its so worth it. The smell is a sweet but musky scent, it lingers for hours and especially if you put a spritz of it in your hair it lasts for hours. The bottle is a beaut, the colour and the design definitely gives it that luxury feel which matches alongside the scent. I have gone through three since last Summer (2012) and I have not looked back at all. I think I found it when I was just looking through a magazine, so there you go promoters and markets your advertisements do work! Well done to you.

It comes in three different sizes and I usually get the medium sized one as I do use quite a bit but I just love it too much.

Definitely recommend.

  Marc Jacobs – Daisy


My go to perfume, the summery delicate scent which is so girly and floaty it is just wonderful. I have had this for a number of years now and I absolutely love it. This is kind of a joint 1st place, but I had to put it down to number 2 as the Lady Million perfume makes me feel special and this is one that I use on a daily basis.

The packaging is just adorable just look at it, so cute!! I think I have about 5 bottles of this and I will keep buying them until they stop (PLEASE DONT STOP MAKING IT!!) . I have tried the “pink version” with the pink, yellow and white flower. It is very similar but no where near as sweet and nice, it does have a more of a muskier smell to it, anyway back to this amazing perfume.

It’s perfect for those summer days or when its a wintery day and you wish to be reminded of the summer its the best. The only downside is as much as I love the daisy’s when carrying it in your bag, I am often leaving them behind.

Highly recommended.

Ghost – Deep Night


For something completly different from my first two, this perfume I believe is my first perfume in which I used to buy regularly until Daisy came along. It actually became my signature scent at one point, then I introduced it to my Nan and my Auntie and guess what they both started wearing it. As much as I love those two, I had to stop wearing it suddenly it became a family perfume. A perfume is all about being individual.

The bottle is just a classic, the sizes are great too apart from the small version which is very small.

It is a deep romantic and full of scents of a perfume, ideal for those warm cosy nights in but also date nights. I would actually buy it again as I am pretty much missing it, god I hope they still sell them!! They must do surely, it’s a classic.

Givenchy – Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret


This particular perfume I came across in the duty free at an airport before going on holiday, when I first smelt it I was blown away by how fruity it was. PERFECT for the summer holiday I was about to go on to America. It is a very light perfume, as I said it is fruity, sweet but still with a hint of sophistication.

Many fruity perfumes often are shown to be cheap and for those who are of a younger age but this is just a lovely scent. The bottle is great, the only downside is that it won’t fit in a small bag. The price at the time 3 years ago was a bit pricey, but of course I was in a holiday mood and wanted it. I was gutted when I came back from the wonderful airport and it had smashed in the bag but hey, my clothes smelt amazing haha!

Chanel – Chance


I myself have never had this perfume and that is one of the reasons as to why this as number 5, but I absolutely love the smell of this. One of the biggest reasons as to why this is at number 5 is that, I kept hinting to my Mum I love this perfume and guess what she goes and does, likes it herself and buys it for herself. Hmmm…. So, I always feel a bit miffed at this perfume, because I want to have it but it’s now my Mum’s scent.

It’s luxurious  delicate but powerful. Beautiful and simple bottle which can fit anywhere, although the price can be a bit on the high side there are often many sales on this particular product. It is always my go to perfume when I am in Boots or Superdrug whenever I need a perfume lift.


So I thought I would go for something different for this blog, as I love my products and I love to challenge myself with different make up’s, perfumes, clothes and accessories  it is what I enjoy talking about and guess what I will keep doing that. I of course will still be doing the random blogs in which my thoughts need to be aired. My grammar and punctuation is not perfect, but I write how as I speak. So if I do not make any sense it is because I actually do not make any sense in life.