So much happiness in a positive.


Over the last couple of days I’ve had lots of thoughts about self motivation.  Whether this is to help yourself improve,  giving yourself a pat on the back or just getting up in the morning and saying well done…. its all very important.

Recently I’ve gone through some changes in my life that has resorted me to go “you know what, you can do it!”
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Positive mind, go away negativity


Hello you lovely lot.

So my aim this year is to try and find the positive in every day. Even if it’s just the littlest thing it really doesn’t matter how small,as long as it’s positive.

At times its been bloody hard. My family are great, my Nan is going through a tough time lately but she’s alive! That’s the biggest positive. My friends are amazing. My health is…. im alive and my work well….. I have a job.

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