Do not surround yourself with negative people.

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I have learnt over the past few years and especially the last few months that negative people really shouldn’t be in my life. They drag you down, they drag the people around you down and they certainly can ruin someone’ day.

When someone is in a negative environment, surrounded by negativity that’s all what that person can see. When you move away from that environment and visit back now and again and still see these said people in the same emotions, you kind of just feel sorry for them. Sorry that they haven’t had the experience of coming out of that negativity, sorry that they won’t listen to anyone else’s opinions because they’re so warped by others.

Sometimes you just need to break free, you need to let go of your forced negativity to find out what makes you happy. There’s no shame in walking away, there’s no shame in not listening, there’s no shame in saying “no this is not for me”, but you will drain yourself if you keep thinking negatively and you will definitely drain yourself emotionally and mentally if you keep trying to give them positive thoughts……… they are not going to listen.

Be you and be free.


Positive mind, go away negativity


Hello you lovely lot.

So my aim this year is to try and find the positive in every day. Even if it’s just the littlest thing it really doesn’t matter how small,as long as it’s positive.

At times its been bloody hard. My family are great, my Nan is going through a tough time lately but she’s alive! That’s the biggest positive. My friends are amazing. My health is…. im alive and my work well….. I have a job.

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