I am happy.

9641792f071aedfb52d4aa5fd7e6c06fIsn’t it weird how sometimes you really just have to take a step back, breathe, think about things and think “fuck it move on”.

1 month today my life changed.

I have been in a new job for the past month now and literally each day I have not come back home once with an unhappy face, I am not stressed and weirdly enough I really don’t mind going to work…. It’s such a strange feeling.

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Do not surround yourself with negative people.

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I have learnt over the past few years and especially the last few months that negative people really shouldn’t be in my life. They drag you down, they drag the people around you down and they certainly can ruin someone’ day.

When someone is in a negative environment, surrounded by negativity that’s all what that person can see. When you move away from that environment and visit back now and again and still see these said people in the same emotions, you kind of just feel sorry for them. Sorry that they haven’t had the experience of coming out of that negativity, sorry that they won’t listen to anyone else’s opinions because they’re so warped by others.

Sometimes you just need to break free, you need to let go of your forced negativity to find out what makes you happy. There’s no shame in walking away, there’s no shame in not listening, there’s no shame in saying “no this is not for me”, but you will drain yourself if you keep thinking negatively and you will definitely drain yourself emotionally and mentally if you keep trying to give them positive thoughts……… they are not going to listen.

Be you and be free.


Love you and them.


What is the meaning behind my blog, well my blog is to celebrate every girl out there. Whether you are a size 6 to size 26, we’re all girls at the end of the day and we should appreciate each other. We shouldn’t belittle each other, compare ourselves to each other, think one is better than the other, or want to be the other girl.

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You turn 18 then suddenly you’re nearly 28.


Is it just me or when I was 18, I honestly thought 10 years later my life would really be different.  When I was 18 life was much more relaxed, I thought I was going to be friends with the people I loved at that time, and I thought my future self would be very different.

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