It’s okay to cry you know.

cryPretty much everyone nowadays wants you to be happy in your life, they want you to see the positive in all aspects of your life. This could be that they truly want that for you, or you want to be positive to others, but sometimes underneath it all, it could be that either we don’t want to talk or we don’t want to listen.  Continue reading “It’s okay to cry you know.”

Be happy & Be you.


I have been thinking a lot about certain things in my life, and what makes me happy and do you know what makes me happy – so many things that others may not like. When going on dates we are all asked “so, what hobbies do you have?” and literally my mind goes blank. I cannot think of a single thing that would impressive to said other person, and then I think…….. I do have hobbies, but they won’t impress others but they make me very happy. 

So I thought I would put a list together of the things that make me happy and maybe you. It would also be a reference point for me to remember in the future this post, especially on up and coming dates LOL!

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Make someone’s day.

IMG_20160212_171832For the past two years at work, I have introduced the love heart scheme for Valentines Week. We all deserve a work a thank you per day I believe, and if we are not going to get any from management, then how about employees thank each other.

Motivation and happiness is what keeps people at work at the end of the day and that’s why I wanted to do this. Last year it was popular and this year, well it grew!! Continue reading “Make someone’s day.”

What is the meaning of my blog?

tumblr_mn3asaUHx91qkvjujo1_r1_540The other day I was asked as to why my blog is called what it is called. If you are a blog owner, you will probably understand the struggle of coming up with a title for a blog that will stay with you forever (or until you change it completely and good for you, you’ve got balls!).

I think one of my reasons as to why I came up with “loveyouandthem” is from the fact that I truly believe you have to learn to love yourself, then you can love others and allow others to love you. You have to accept that others are individuals and we are not all the same, and you must love them.  Continue reading “What is the meaning of my blog?”

My 1,000th post!!


Congratulations to me!!

So I have come to my 1000th post. I actually can’t believe it. My blog originally started way back 2 years ago, to a place in which I could rant about what feelings and thoughts I had. To now my blog is a place of still ranting haha, but also raving about people I love,  products I recommend, my illnesses and being girl power positive.

I know that each blog is individual to everyone and everyone does not have the same opinions but that’s why blogs are special.

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