I spent some ACTUAL MONEY on make up – Models Own / Max Factor #bbloggers

makeupHello I am back…. im such a bad blogger, I haven’t blogged in nearly 1 month *slaps wrists*. I will be posting about what I have been up to, as I have been up to quite a bit. But today, I thought I would blog about what I have been buying. Now considering, I am the type of girl who really doesn’t like to splurge on beauty products, I thought f**k it and I splurged. I did feel rather dirty doing it, and I hope to god that the money I spent on these products are worth it, as speaking to some staff members they were rather shocked about the nailvarnish I was wearing and especially where it was from.

First thing’s first, the nail varnish that you see in the photos is from brand “Jessie”, thats J-E-S-S-I-E not Essie, and it’s from Poundland. Absolutely love this colour and for £1 its an absolute bargain. Some come with me as I go through my lovely little buys.


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Shopping time!!! – MY Reviews

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As I was able to leave the house for the first time in ages in 3 weeks I thought of one thing and 1 thing only – Shopping!! Now I am not your usual girl who loves shopping for clothes etc, no mine is normally nitty bitty bits and sometimes I do go away and think why the hell have I bought what I have bought. I therefore thought I would show you:


lips2I first saw this lipgloss // lip lacquer from a photograph on Instagram, if anyone ever follows the gorgeous Ben and Harley on Vine and the amazingly gorgeous mum Abbi then you will know of the photo. If you have no idea who I am on about please for the love of the cutest kid in the world check out these vines >>>>>>>> Ben & Harley <<<<<<<<<, and the gorgeous >>>>>>>>> Abbabubble <<<<<<<<< I promise you you won’t be disappointed. Anyway, I commented on her photo and she told me it was this product and it is a gorgeous crimson shade. I thought I would show you how it looks:

lipsAs you can see the shade is absolutely beautiful, until you open your mouth – I did not do that on purpose but look how much went onto my teeth!!!! The lip lacquer itself is really nice, smooth, shiny and not sticky at all. It has a lovely sheen/shine to it but unfortunately this would be a case of forever checking my teeth, or not smiling and that’s not me at all!!

skinI saw this freebie on another blog and I thought I would give it a go, I absolutely forgot I asked for it until I got in the post yesterday. It is the new Superstay Better Skin Maybelline in the shade of Nude. I have not found a foundation which is so close to my skin colour and look how close it is!!! SO I shall definitely be looking into buying a bigger product of this version, it was really easy to apply and it hardly shows up on my skin which is great.

mascara1I thought I would go old school, I used to wear this mascara all the time and it is a definite fall back for mascara for me. I have realised when applying today that this is one of my top 5 but definitely not my favourite. I have got a bit of spider eye going on and I don’t want to look like a 15 year old chav now.

fragranceI love diffusers, as my Dad smokes the rest of the house stinks and I cannot stand the smell on my clothes, the rooms everything. I currently in my bedroom have 4 diffusers, yes 4. This was on offer in Morrisons, I believe £4.99 or £5.99 and I thought I would give it a go. It’s beautiful, the little beads inside rattle which is different from other diffusers I already have – as they’re normally quite soft. Let’s see how long this one lasts!

20140418_174141My next pit stop was Poundland, I believe that this brand of Conditioner is the best. I do normally go for the gold version but I thought my hair needs a bit of lift at the moment and with of course them being £1 you cannot go wrong and considering most of the time they are £2+ in supermarkets you have to get them when you see them!!

20140418_173917With someone like me who has PCOS I am nearly every other day unfortunately having to take away excess hair from my face, I cannot stand it and my confidence is awful with it. For months I was purchasing the product on the right hand side from Superdrug which was £5, it comes with a tiny tube of the hair remover and moisturiser in which I never used and a scraper to take away excess. I was walking around Poundland and saw the tubes on the left hand side……….. it’s better, it lasts longer and look how much more there is compared to the Veet!!! It’s for sensitive skin and I have not had any issues with it. So I am just showing you in comparison, I have bought 5 tubes for the price of 1 of those tiny tubes from Veet. It’s absolutely ridiculous what you can find in Poundland.

20140418_174109Talking of Superdrug, as the Spring time and hotter weather is coming – we start to not wear socks or sometimes we do and of course everyone gets sweaty feet and this stuff is ideal. It’s amazing, cheap and lovely scent as well. I highly recommend.



Everyone loves a fresh breathe – it’s on offer at Morrisons. I got cherry and mint flavour 🙂

feetFinally like I said earlier feet are coming out due to the weather and my poor feet are definitely affected by the cold weather so this will definitely be in use!!

Hope everyone is okay:









We’re not all nail artists, hi lazy ladies!

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the patience to do amazing nail art, I have so many nail varnishes I think my Mum believes I am slightly obsessed – if you haven’t seen my draw before it has expanded since said blog but this was my nail varnish draw…… oh hi by the way!:


These are the nails that I am going to be talking about today, they are mine yay!! If you’re interested in how I did them, please carry on :


Around the Christmas time me and my Mum went to the Ideal Home show in London, if you haven’t been there I advise you go to as there is such a variation of beauty products that you may not even think of. I saw a product from a company called MoYou, and for this blog I have not been told to advertise them or whatever I just think you should look if you’re lazy like me – here’s their website! >>>>>> lazy nail people look here.   I love their product so I thought I would show you step by step as to what happens 🙂 


First things first, the background of my photos are of my snazzy gorgeous pj bottoms haha! So I highly apologise.


Here’s the first photo, okay at this stage I have chosen to show you what tools I am using and that is it – top right hand side is a base coat by the way – damn automatic editing! I am using a graphics cutting board which I have had since GCSE (sssh School nearly 10 years on dont know I still have it!) As you can see I have used this on a number of occasions. The reason as to why I have chosen something like this is; 1 I am not going to use it again, 2 – its a hard surface for what you need to do in the next stages. So here you can see a silver plate (your design plate), a pink plate (the scraper), the red dot (hmm… gonna call this the squidgy) and finally the nail varnishes – let’s carry on!!


I have gone for my favourite design which is this zig zag aztec type design which I love, the reason it’s in black will be explained later (I promise!). As you can see each of the plates has a number of designs on them and each I have chosen in the past. Hey look at my snazzy pj bottoms 😉 told you I wear snazzy PJs 😉
20140406_233643This is my favourite bran of base coat, it can be found in Superdrug although I am not sure if you can get it in Boots. It’s really cheap and if you just want to leave it as a nail shiner its great for that as well. So apply this before you do anything, as you don’t want your nails staining now!


I have chosen the Ted Baker colour which I got for my Birthday present, it’s a lovely pink shade and its great for a pick me up (especially as I have to go back to work tomorrow and I am dreading it!!)


I have mentioned this nail varnish in the past, but I really cannot express enough how good a black coat colour this is. This is from Primark and only comes out at Halloween!! So if you see it, buy it. I promise you. It only needs 1 coat, its as black as black and its just brilliant. This is my “top coat” which will go on top of the pink colour. Here’s the process:


You have chosen your “top” coat and your design, so what you need to do is to apply a few layers to the chosen design – making sure that you cover all areas of the design. To clean this by the way and to make sure it’s lovely and fresh, do not use nail varnish remover with moisturiser as the stamp squidgy thing does not pick it up!


With the scraper you will need to apply a little presser to the pad and scrape at a 45 degree angle – this is first tricky stage that I had to overcome but after a few practises you do get it perfect. As you can see there is your design in the black, as that’s on there its currently drying so ignore the pink thing and cleaning that up for now, you need to get that nail varnish on your chosen finger!


This was my first attempt at this photo and you can clearly see that not all of the design was picked up, you need to give just the right amount of pressure to roll across the design with the stamp. The stamp also needs to be nice and dry, if its covered in nail varnish remover for example from a previous clean that of course will not pick up the design! Now for the hard bit! :

20140406_234839Applying is tricky you have to get it not only at the angle for your finger, you have to cover the whole finger, as you don’t want to keep applying different cut offs of the design it’s just not going to look great!! Seriously, its taken many attempts to get used to applying so please get frustrated lol.

As you can see, there is of course over lapse with the design, not all of the stamps are designed to fit everyone’s finger nails. I would suggest if you are going to use this type of product to have long nails. You can see that the design went off lovely onto my nail 🙂 I usually have this finger covered in glitter so its nice to have a change!! All the excess around your nail you can simply when its all dry and a top coat applied just wipe away using a cotton bud // Q tip.


Apply a top coat, my favourite is Look Beauty’s Nail Pop – this top coat can also have a shimmer to it as well which I love. Sneaky one’s on here will notice that I took this photo before the design was added 😛


Here is the final design…….. what do you think 🙂


These are other pallets which I chose on the day as well :





So we are all not nail varnish experts, I do have nail art pens but I am completely and utterly useless at them, would you opt for something like this? PS they say that you HAVE to buy their product (nail varnishes) otherwise they wont work, well you have clearly seen on this…… thats a bit of a porkie pie.



Best way to take lipstick off – KISSES.


As I said on Twitter (@loveyouandthem by the way), I was going or am shall I writing a post about the lipsticks that I own. I own a fair few lipsticks and I hardly wear them, but when I do it gives me so much confidence. If anyone else wore lipstick at work I definitely would but not single woman I work with wears it and I feel silly when I do. When people see me on nights out or on days off they’re shocked I wear it and I’m like it’s normal!!

Lipstick just gives you that extra ooze of confidence, gives your smile that more noticeable and of course it attracts the males/females whatever tickles your fancy.

So here are the lipsticks that I own ……. so far lol!, ps I have tried to match the lips to the shade of the lippy:



To be honest my least favourite lipstick that I own, its great although I will give it its due for a morning pick me up and its easy to apply but it just does not stay. As you can see whilst I have been on the bus I have decided to wipe away all the text from the product, therefore it took a hella long time to find out what the hell this was called hence the note inside the photo! This is the only photo I have that shows the product look on a piece of paper as it was the late thought “oh this would have been a good idea to do” but then I couldn’t be arsed to go back and change them all! Its my only product of the crayon type that I own and probably will ever own.


Poundland are strangely becoming one of my favourite places for make up, THERE I said it it’s now out in the open. The Gothica range comes out around the halloween time and it’s just bloody marvellous. If you ever see this lipstick along with their gothica black nail varnish I cannot stress to you enough to buy it. The nail varnish needs 1 coat, its so opaque and it hardly chips. This lipstick is great it really deepens the lips and especially with a dark red lipstick it makes it even vampier (yes that is a word….) love it!


I use this lipstick more in the Spring / Summer time with the pastel shades of clothing that I like to wear. Its light, creamy and easy to apply and lasts for sometime. The shade is not too pink but its just about right for someone to think “is she wearing lipstick or are that her own lips”… or my lips are just a weird pink shade lol!


I wore this and wrote about this in my look of the day the other day – if you wish to read that click on this — iloveyouyouknowthat — it’s a hidden gem that I found at the bottom of my make up box and I just love it! When I first saw this in the shop I did think “shit this is a bit dark” but its a proper grower and its a beautiful purply/red colour and I love it!


This used to be one of my favourites before I found the others and it is just a delight a beaut of a lipstick and so Spring, I therefore may start using it more! The packaging is just adorable and it has a look of a lockable device to it, which means that the top won’t easily fall off in your hand bag. It is definitely the classiest looking lipstick I have.


I love e.l.f products, they know that, I know that but this……. no. It took me about 5/10 seconds to even open it up and wind it up to what you can see in the photo there for a start! The shade is lovely in the photo and in person, but when its applied to the lips it’s kinda like tinted vaseline. Classified as “posh” but I don’t think Victoria Beckham would go near this. Haha. Ssh woman!


If you read my blog often (thank you you weirdo) that you will know that this is one of my favourites, as I was going through my make up box I actually came around a second one of these haha, bit obsessed. It has a matte finish and feel to it but with an added shimmer which I love. The shade is more towards the pink side of lilac.


I think I went through a phase of loving red lipstick and this is the one that I chose in the end, to keep when I had a big clear out the other month. It’s classified as “rose passion” it is striking, creamy and very kissable. The packaging is very elegant and you definitely would not miss it in your handbag.


As I am a lover of the matte lipstick from MUA I am about to review, I have not used this particular shade a lot. I have tried to and I have found that it has not been as effective. The shade is very girly and pink so if you love that then you’re definitely in for a treat.


Here’s the matte shade that I love from MUA, the Scarlet Siren is just a must have for those who love the matte and the deep reds of lipsticks. It is a great colour, not too powerful but enough to think “yeah I am feeling and looking great today!” and as it was only £1 …. buy this instead of hmm…. a chocolate bar. Oh I now fancy a chocolate bar!


Wink Pink is always in my handbag, its a pinky purple shade which is perfect for those mornings in which you need to add a little colour to your face when you are feeling absolutely ridiculously tired. Its nice, cooling, a calming shade (yes calming) and a bonus is that it moisturises your lips 😉 mwah!


My ultimate fave. No other words. So kissable.


So I hope that you enjoyed my lipstick post, I like to swear and if you read this blog I write as I think and I think as I would chat….. that makes no fucking sense. Ha ha.

Enjoy, remember pucker up those lips and give the boys/girls kisses


You have to treat yourself now and again….

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So this weekend as I am on my own due to the parents being on holiday, I thought hey I am going to treat myself. Of course most of my blogs are about treating other people (friends, family and strangers) but sometimes you really do have to treat yourself – and that I did. I ended up going to Dunelm Mill which if you have never checked it out before then please do – click here! I have been looking for a chest of drawers for a long time as I am often having my make up boxes all over the place and when I saw this I thought PERFECT (okay I felt bad for spending £36 on it! *ashamed not ashamed*). I then thought hey I wonder what the readers of my blog may think of looking inside my drawers *dont be cheeky!*, so here it goes – ps if you’re not interested, thanks for joining and I’ll see in another post:

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