Proud to be a woman, don’t hate.

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Let’s celebrate being a woman, lets celebrate the best things about being a girl and lets stop all the hate between each other. So many girls nowadays are competing with each other to get the best look, the best boyfriend, the best figure, lifestyle, clothes, make up and the better friendship sometimes we forget that we should all be together.

I grew up in the 90’s so throughout my childhood the phrase “GIRL POWER” was at the forefront due to the Spice Girls. They showed us that although we are all individuals that we should stick together, whatever race we are, sexuality, age, height, weight and any disabilities we all should be there for one another.

I see it a lot now and I am not sure whether it’s because of age that girls can be the absolute worst to each other, the green jealous giant can show at any moment and it can ruin friendships. If you are in school at the moment and you are either being bullied by a girl or your friend is losing interest in you as a friend, just remember they will not be there all your life – your true friends come later in life. They are not better than you in no way shape or form, we are all skeletons – we are all humans – we are all girls. You could have the best musical/artistic/sport skills and she could have another of those skills, that’s what makes us individuals but if we stick together we could all learn from each other. We could learn and we could teach each other these skills.


Of course us girls do stick together when men get involved, we hate to see each other upset – I am one that will never cheat on someone and unfortunately there are some ladies out there that don’t really care, but as long as you are a strong woman inside you will learn from the experience – again teach others and be a better girl next time around.

How many female role models do you know in the media, they are strong independent women who love to show how life should be looked into – positive, creative and admiring women. Such women as (and I know some may disagree) – Your favourite musical artist, the Olympian that you saw competing either winning a medal or not, the author of your favourite book, the politician you agree or agree to disagree with and of course you have your complete role models your female family member.

Your role model should be someone you want to look up to – my role models are the female relatives in my life – My Mum, both of my Nans and my Aunt. They are my true models and when one of them goes from your life such as my Nan, it tore me apart but I knew that she was the strongest woman I ever knew, she made me laugh, cry, gave the best hugs and advice and she raised the most amazing person in my life………. my mum.


So what I am saying is – be young, be mature, be wise, listen to your heart, do not follow the trend, be individual, be creative, be a role model to someone, be there for other girls, be there to be that shoulder to cry on and don’t compare you to others, don’t compare your life as you only live the one. Stick together as individuals, individuals as a group is a strong group.

Believe in you.