Mascara Top 5

I hardly ever not use mascara and as someone who loves make up and has far too much make up, I think it’s about time I reviewed some of my favourite mascara’s – so here we go!

Maybelline – Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara


This mascara is absolutely amazing, its so easy to put onto your eyelashes either for a just the one coat or to extenuate your eyes. It is the only mascara which has made my eyelashes so big, each time I wear this particular mascara many people ask if I am wearing false eyelashes. But nope, its just my eyelashes with this beauty of a product.

Price wise it is not too expensive and it is not too cheap either it’s just perfect. I really cannot flaw this product at all. Especially the name. Actually that’s the only downside, why does the product in my eyes have a giraffe pattern on the top and not a tiger or something like that to go with the cat theme. But seriously that is the only flaw, it lasts ages, it never clumps, it has never dried up on me and I will be forever buying this until they stop selling them.

Rimmel Volume Flash The MAX Mascara


If you want to have thick eyelashes which stand out without the falsies this is the perfect mascara for you, its thick, bold and easy to put on. It glides really well, you would only need 1 or 2 coats of this well depending on how much of a spider affect you wish to bestow on your eyes *please don’t go tarantula!*. I have had this particular mascara for a few years now and it is always my go to mascara for a night out as I cannot always afford falsies, its nice and girly, cheap and it’s always in the shops.

The only downside I feel is that because it is so thick sometimes it can become quite clumpy and gloopy in the wand, but as long as you take off the excess you should be absolutely fine. Perfect for a quick make up fix.


 Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara


I have noticed that already I am starting up a Rimmel collection but they do amazing mascaras, I have not bought this one in a while and as I was looking through my mascaras I remembered how amazing this product is. The wand is thin compared to the previous two and therefore it gets all the tiny little eyelashes as well. The packaging is nice and bright, definitely helps when you are trying to find it in your bag!! My lashes really gain a lot of length when putting on this product. You will need to put a number of layers on to get a full affect.

The downside of this product is that I forgot about it, its a product that yes you absolutely love at the time and then another one comes along. It is only until you are rummaging around and you spot this and remember why you fell in love with it.

Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Show Off Mascara


Yes another Rimmel product I hear you say, I would just like to clear this up now I have loads of mascaras but it is just the case that 3/5 of my favourites are Rimmel and I don’t care they are amazing. This product is just great, look how bright it is, it’s so girly and fun. The wand shocked me when I first opened it up, I was taken a back slightly by the little well…. knob at the end haha I dont know how else to describe it, nuzzle? What a weird word! Anyway that little… okay I cant call it a knob due to the next sentence hmm, lets stick with nuzzle, anyway that little nuzzle at the end is amazing for getting into the tight corners of your eyes and the little eyelashes (see why I couldn’t use knob, naughty!). Its clean, sharp and does get through to all the little layers.

The only downside I feel is that the product gets dry very quickly, it could be my mascara or just in general I am unsure but hey that’s what I have come across.

Benefit BADgal lash mascara


I have not had this particular product in years, but it sticks in my mind as one of the best mascaras I have had. I actually got this mascara free with a mobile phone years ago along with other Benefit products and it was the first time I came across their range and I have loved Benefit ever since. The wand is big, it’s one of the biggest that I have had and therefore it spreads the mascara over a wider range. Although it is isn’t one of the darkest mascaras you can buy on the market it pretty much does an amazing job for the colour that it is.

Again like Scandal Eyes, it didn’t take long before this product dried out which was a disappointment  I haven’t actually bought another one since as I got distracted by branching out to other products but I think I will buy this product again.

What do you think?