Moany March no no

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The past two + months I have become a right old moaning person, I hate moaning – I am known to my friends, family and peers to be a positive person. But even myself I have noticed that I am just becoming absolutely negative with so many things. An ex colleague of mine I bumped into and she said “oh I keep up to date with your moans and quips on facebook”. It made me realise oh god I am moaning far too much and it really isn’t me. It could be those I am surrounding myself with, as I have not seen my main girlies for ages, it could be that I really do not like/enjoy my job and also that I am not getting enough sleep. So what I thought I would do is to put a list together of all the positive things in my life at the moment, here we go!:

  • I have my family who love me
  • I have some really close girl friends
  • Some of my girl friends have children, who I love and they like me back
  • My bestest friend is due a baby at the end of this month – come into the world baby Alice
  • I have a secure job
  • I earn money
  • I have a home
  • I can drive
  • I am going to Greece in the Summer
  • My family are happy
  • My Nan is still with us
  • My body is okay
  • I know who my true friends are
  • I know who I am

Maybe you should do a positive life list of all the things that you love/like or are pleased with for those sad days.


down days.

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As you know this blog is normally all positive and I do like to bring out the positivity in people, but at the moment I feel like shite.

I feel rubbish health wise (something is wrong and I don’t know what it is), job hunting (everyday im looking and im getting more and more sad), friends (they’re unwell and I want to make them better), selfish (my birthday is always overlooked by my friends and yet again this one was as well), job (really don’t want to go back to work tomorrow) and holiday (I want to book a holiday but work will not let anyone, which is absolutely ridiculous). Relationships (I want to be in one and im so lonely at the moment), I also want to be a size 14 again.

Anyone got anything positive or uplifting to say?


What’s the point in my degree :(

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I am in need of a job in which I like or even love. I have had two jobs in my life and I like them after the first few months (well to be honest my first I had for 7 years – in a supermarket), but I have just had enough of being in a job where I am not getting any satisfaction out of it.

I have a degree in marketing – specialising in the Entertainment industry, I would love to work in the media industry and of course marketing but it would just mean the world to me! I wouldnt even mind if blogging was my life and I got paid for that, but that’s unlikely to happen!! 

My job at the moment consists of me being the first point of call for the general public to ring to the council and pretty much 70% of the time have a go at me. I am fed up at the end of the day feeling like shit, I know it’s not me personally and I always go above and beyond trying to help them but I just feel like it’s not worth it. The managers just want their bonuses it seem by trying to get the customer to do things and I just feel so stressed all the time.

I have had a week off and I have that serious dreading Monday morning.

My ideal job would be working in the media, particularly on the social networking side of the business – possibly writing blogs, tweeting and communicating with the customers. Designing and being creative!! God I love being creative. My desk at work is so bright and creative, people think that I should be a teacher haha! I would love it to be somewhere local in Kent I could go into London, but the train tickets are so expensive.

When I am looking at job adverts, they all want people who have had “experience” or a “2:1” degree. I have no experience because I cannot get any and I have a 2:2. The reason I have a 2:2 is because I fell very unwell in my final year of studies, all my classmates thought I would get a 2:1 or +. Academically skilled I am not and yes that’s me being honest, well you read my blog you know I don’t proof read. But doing things, making things and seeing things happen I absolutely love. Hey my tutor had to change the way I produced my dissertation (which was an outline for everyone) because I was that different.

Employers just look at your CV now and its so upsetting, because I freeze up in interviews. I am no way lying on my CV to make me look bigger, I can’t bloody lie as I laugh haha.

I am just so frustrated right now, because I feel like I am worth more than some call centre operative. I have so many good grades from school, I have a degree, I have determination and passion, but I just can’t get anywhere with it.

My parents are getting the same, my poor Mum if she does send me one more job notification I may go nuts lol… it’s like yes Mum I get that in emails, I check job websites for up to 2 hours everyday and more. No mum that job isn’t relevant I have absolutely no idea what they are on about in that job description, no mum I cannot be the manager. I do love her though and her determination, I know she wants me to do well.

AAAAAH, does anyone else feel like this?