Shopping Haul – Select Fashion, ASDA George, Primark & New Look

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Its pay day weekend woohoo everyone!! Which means that it’s time to buy new dresses. I haven’t worn trousers or just tops in so long now im obsessed with wearing dresses. I feel very girly in them, I feel that they cover all my bad parts and they come in so many designs they just make me feel great inside. I thought I would show you some of the new additions to my wardrobe, with an added extra few photos 🙂


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Ive been featured !!! So happy.


So today I am looking through my phone inbetween work and I keep getting all these emails saying, your blog has succeeded so many views, your blog has succeeded this amount of shares and I am thinking what the hell is going on! I cant access my blogging account online and I couldn’t wait to get home. Log into twitter to see:

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Remember to treat yourself.

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Every now and again I really believe that you should treat yourself, unfortunately for me the shops are right next to my work and I have to walk past them to get home, my poor purse. Today I thought I would buy something completely different, I never wear any jewellery and I really loved the necklace that I bought a few days ago (I did blog about), unfortunately as I sat down on the bus it decided to end up in my lap……… thanks Primark.

So therefore I decided to go back again to Primark and buy more (I wonder how long it’ll take for these to break). I thought I would show you what I have bought. I love the colours and designs and they’re all £3, talk about a bargain!! PS I heard Primark is going to America haha welcome to our world.

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