Drunken thoughts, sober ❤

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So, on Friday I had a number of drinks after as you may know due to my previous post and my god I felt rubbish the next day. Not only did I “tipsy text” someone I was not meant to, I also text someone just to get attention and then I finally had a conversation with one of my best friends I had never really spoke about before.

I am really not an open book at all, many would get frustrated that I don’t say how I feel but it did feel very good to get it all out in the open. Basically it was to do with being surrounded by couples all around town and I just felt absolutely lonely, I felt rubbish. To the point I actually wanted to go back in the pub and drink on my own. I then imagined my life later, surrounded by animals in a small flat, weighing in at around 25 stone and just wishing to drink whilst having the greasiest hair.

That’s why I text my friend just to off load, of course she text me the next day with a little joke but I do think she was a bit concerned about me as like I say I don’t often say what I feel in these times.

I really find myself frustrating so much at times. I hate those thoughts especially after a great night out, it always ruins it.

Anyway else feel like this?